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Sweet Potato Cake Pops, #SundaySupper

Super Bowl Sunday is here!

While Michael Oher, Baltimore Ravens' football star (and subject of the film) Blindside prepares for the big game with extra push-ups, his sister  who is the co-owner of the Whimsy Cookie Company may be putting in overtime baking  cookies for a Super Bowl party.

Along with other #SundaySupper food bloggers, I brought out my cheer-evoking Super Bowl recipes. In honor of the big-hearted Michael Oher and his adopted Tuohy family from Memphis, Tennessee, this Ninja Baker made Gluten-Free, Vegan Sweet Potato Cake Pops. Sweet potatoes are an important component of Southern cuisine and wildly popular in Japan. 

I do believe you'll score big points with the Ninja Baker's Gluten-Free Vegan Sweet Potato Cake Pops.


Odango: Japanese Mini-Mochi Rice Dumplings

In this week's blog, I ask you to imagine that you're delivering a sealed, confidential letter from the castle of the Shogun in Edo (the ancient name for Tokyo) to a princess living in the Imperial palace in Kyoto. As you experience the adventure, you'll visit a roadside café to quiet the noises from your grumbling stomach. At the café you'll be presented with knowledge about the ancient odango  treat – that regained popularity in Japan in 1999 when a song about the snack catapulted to number one.

The treat endures to this day and remains one of this Ninja Baker's favorites. Perhaps it will soon be your favorite Japanese treat, too. Or maybe you’ll love the Ninja Baker’s modernized cake pop odango. Instructions follow.

For recipes and a taste of a trip to Kyoto, read on!