espresso chocolate cupcakes ninja baking

Sayonara Sleep Dark Chocolate with Espresso (or any Flavor) Frosting

  Espresso atop a rich dark moist chocolate cake will kick any 4:00 doldrums right out the door!
matcha green tea cupcakes cheesecakes Ninja Baking

Shizuoka Green Tea Splendors

  Matcha, top-of-the-line green tea, is infused into cake or cheesecake. Green Tea Cake is crowned with Chocolate Frosting or Matcha Crème. The crusts and tops of the cheesecakes are heavily accented with chocolate. 
Samoas Girl Scout Cookies Cupcakes

Sugoi (Incredible) Girl Scout Samoa Inspirations

  Modeled after the famous Girl Scout cookie; A golden ring of cake combines with caramel, chocolate and toasted coconut. Available as a reduced calorie cupcake.
Pinterest sensation Girl Scout Thin Mint Cupcakes Reduced Calories Sugar Free

Thin Mint Mount Takao Girl Scout Dreams

  Mount Takao abounds with emerald green and hiking paths, which promise awe-inspiring flora and foliage with every step. Every bite of the Ninja Baker’s Thin Mint Cupcake promises a chocolate cupcake covered with minty goodness. Available also as a reduced calorie item.  
lemon meringue mini pies cupcakes

Tart and Sweet as Yuzu Lemon

  A harmonious marriage of tart and sweet whether you choose The Ninja Baker’s Lemon Meringue Mini Pies or Lemon Cake and Frosting. 
gingerbread boy cupcakes gluten-free available

The Ginza Gingerbread Boys

  Spiked with ginger, Gingerbread is iced with Cream Cheese Frosting and topped with golden Gingerbread Boy Cookies. The gluten-free version is topped with a dairy free soy frosting unless otherwise requested.
vegan gluten-free chocolate chips mini baked goods

Very Oishi (Delicious) Vegan Chocolate Chippers

  A mini vegan chocolate chipper that is also gluten free.
plum wine cake buttercream gluten free

Wakayama Plum Wine Mystics

  Pink ume-shu Plum Wine Cakes are decorated with Plum Wine Buttercream flowers. Gluten-free plum wine cakes are also available.
cheesecake minis strawberry chocolate

Yamagata Strawberry Yums

  Strawberry pink swirls adorn Vanilla or Strawberry Cheesecake. A chocolate surprise kiss waits inside. These are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Also available, Strawberry Cake, which is perfected with fresh Strawberry Buttercream.