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Japanese Mexican Tacos, #SundaySupper, #CincodeMayo

  May 5 brings festivity and feasts and honors the strength of soldiers and samurai on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. In the U.S, Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla (1861-1867.) Mariachi bands play, tamales are consumed and vendors hawk Mexican tchotchkes (trinkets.) “Tequila Appreciation and Tasting,” “Beer and Taco Festivals” are but a few of the events featured... Read Full Article345

Hello Kitty Rice Krispies, #SundaySupper

UPDATE: 01 May 2013 In my pursuit of Hello Kitty perfection, I've made a second batch...There will probably be a third. Stay tuned!     Challenge Thyself. That was the decree for this week’s #SundaySupper. Those who gather round the virtual dinner table at Twitter on 28 April at 7 p.m. ET will discuss their triumphs, defeats and lessons learned from making a recipe never tried. You are definitely invited to share your... Read Full Article346

Japanese Wedding Cupcakes, #SundaySupper

  “April showers bring May flowers,” was my grandmother Nona’s sing-song method of teaching me the months. I can still hear her voice all these decades later. Embedded in my memory too is Nona’s moist chocolate cake with milk chocolate frosting swirled on top. No wonder. Repeatedly I’d lift and close the freezer, staring at the dessert. Did you do that as a kid, too? My grandmother, Nona,... Read Full Article347

Matcha Nutella Tango Cupcakes for Vintage Kitchen

Many of the world's top Argentine Tango dancers hail from Japan. The Japanese have established themselves as serious contenders at world championships. Hiroshi and Kyoko Yamao took first place at the 2009 World Tango Championships. They are but one example. Speaking of prizes, excellence and Argentina, my friend Paula produces some of the world's best desserts from her Buenos Aires Vintage Kitchen. Chocolate Velvet Ice Cream... Read Full Article348

Strawberry Sweetheart, #BundtaMonth

  Berries were picked for the May #BundtaMonth theme. The magical baker/bloggers behind this monthly event are Anuradha of Baker Street and Lora, the Cake Duchess. A strawberry Bundt cake was a no-brainer choice. The red gems of natural sugar contain many happy memories for this Ninja Baker. As a kid, I visited my mom in the summertime in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our desserts often consisted of Cool Whip and ice cream topped... Read Full Article349

Japanse Castella Pound Cake & Chocolate Buttermilk Buttercream, #ChocolateParty

Castella honey cake has been a treasured gift in Japan since the 1600s. Portuguese sailors and merchants brought Paõ de Castela, Bread of Castile to Japan in the 1600s. Even when all foreigners were kicked out of the country by the Tokugawa shogunate for 200 years, the cake stayed. For several centuries the treat was reserved for rich folk – like the Emperor!   Today the royal dessert is readily available... Read Full Article350

Banana Chocolate Caramel Minis, #Chocolate Party

Roxana of, and the monthly #Chocolate Party may be a hostess with the “mostest” chocolate recipes on the web. Check out her collection if you need inspiration. Her March challenge to fellow food bloggers is to marry caramel and chocolate in one treat. In my mind that translates to a sweet that’s cute and petite. Why? In my hometown of Tokyo, caramels and chocolates come packaged as pretty little presents... Read Full Article351

Japanese-Style Prosperity Pockets & Goat Cheese En Croute, #SundaySupper New Year’s Bucket List

How do you define good fortune? If you had a fairy godmother or godfather, what would you wish for in 2013? Love to see your answers in the comments section. After the traditional formal visit to the temple with family on New Year’s Day; on January 2nd, many females trade their kimono for blue jeans and join the throngs at trendy boutiques and department stores where good fortune fukubukuro bags await. To make way for 2013... Read Full Article352