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FitTea's slogan is "Give us a few weeks and we'll give you a new waistline." Usually my eyes will roll when I see promises of promos for slimmer bodies. As one who modeled in Tokyo, I am all too aware of what it takes to squeeze into a smaller dress size. However, the critic in me calmed down once I tasted, tried and did a bit of research about FitTea. 

This all-natural detox beverage may actually aid in a healthy weight loss program. Due to the energy lift from the tea, I can see how combined with a reduced calorie and increased exercise regime, FitTea would be of great assistance. What I like about the tea, too, is that the energy lift stems from the naturally healing teas. For those of us, not motivated to go on rigorous exercise and diet regimes, FitTea is also a nice way to drink our way to stronger immune systems.

Dancing and drinking FitTea with my Cha-Cha teacher, Benny Corpos.

As for the taste of the tea, there's a hint of lemon. Despite the stevia in FitTea, I was expecting to sneak in a few packets of artificial sweeteners to satisfy this Ninja Baker's sweet tooth. To my pleasant surprise, nothing needs to be added.

I shared FitTea with my Cha-Cha dance classmates. The class is made up of many outspoken individuals. Everyone liked the tea and gave FitTea a thumbs up.

The practice of serving green tea is centuries old in Japan. 

Organic green tea is the first ingredient listed on the FitTea package. Samurai sipped on the hot drink before battle, so why not follow suit when fighting the battle of the bulge? Seriously, green tea is said to energize dieters and assist with fat oxidation. Green tea is also famous for its antioxidant powers.

The second ingredient listed  on the FitTea package is oolong wu yi which also contains cancer-fighting properties. Oolong is also said to increase mental alertness. And rooibos (the third primary tea in FitTea) is said to protect against Alzheimer's.

Ready to Cha-Cha!
FitTea in hand Filomena Campbell kicks up her heels with husband, Jack.

FitTea advertises a healthier immune system and more energy upon drinking the detox tea. I'm not a doctor so I can't speak to that. However, I respect that green tea, oolong and rooibos have been used for centuries in healing practices. Also, I can vouch for the boost of energy. The ginger  in the tea also has a calming effect. (Good for those of us naturally nervous types!) Through the ages, Asian cultures have also added ginger to their diets to assist with digestion.

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Energized, feeling strong with FitTea:
What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Wishing you the freedom to dance through life in good health.

The Ninja Baker

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