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Matcha Donuts, #SundaySupper

Desserts and dishes celebrating spring are on the menu for this week’s #SundaySupper. (Please scroll down to see how you can add your brilliant creations.) My matcha green tea donuts post was intended to reflect my love for the gifts of spring:  The first harvest of fine matcha (green tea) leaves; cherry blossoms; and warm winds which whisper hope. Matcha Donuts Murmur Spring I still feel grateful for matcha; memories of home, of... Read Full Article118

3 Easy Ways to Make Gluten-Free Chocolate Party Treats, #Glutino

A generous gift box from Glutino was delivered to the Ninja Baker’s kitchen. All opinions are my own. Glutino Gluten-Free Decadent Chocolate Cake Garnished with Glutino Chocolate Vanilla Crème Cookies. (You may be saying goodbye to Oreos. They are that good!) Pretty party fare in a pinch:  All it takes is a bag of Glutino gluten-free chocolate cake mix and a box of Glutino Vanilla Crème Cookies. It’s... Read Full Article119

Sweets Shop to the Stars: Erin McKenna’s Bakery

Sweets Shop to the Stars: Erin McKenna’s Bakery 有名人のお菓子屋さん:エリン・マクケーナズ・ベーカリー   Put your sunglasses on! Erin McKenna’s Bakery in LA, NYC and Disney World is a great place for serious stargazing. The bakery’s roster of celebrity fans include Oscar winner Natalie Portman and FOX TV’s New Girl Zoe Deschanel.  The pull to the popular sweets shop is three-fold. Executive Baker and Owner of Erin McKenna’... Read Full Article120

5 Beautiful Ways to Celebrate Spring, #InMyKitchen

Spring winds birth sakura cherry blossoms. In Japan, sakura petals carpet parks. Lanterns sway gently from the branches of cherry blossom trees. Picnickers clink sake glasses as the sun sets on this pink fairyland. Even with the California water shortage, gardens burst with color and fragrance. The smiling flowers fill me with gratitude. Sometimes it’s the simple things. Like sunshine on the face after bursts of cold is sublime. Or a... Read Full Article121

Greek Chirashi Sushi, #SundaySupper

Chirashi sushi is a super easy to make Japanese meal. It's also the solution to little time and lots of people to feed. Like a My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 potluck party. Nichole Crews of Casa de Crews has arranged such a Sunday Supper feast. Scroll down and get inspired to celebrate the opening weekend of the Greek wedding extravaganza movie. Or at least grab some Greek-inspired scrumptious suppers and sweets. Chirashi Sushi is ideal... Read Full Article122

Japanese Egg Crepes (Kinshi Tamago) #SundaySupper

The political skirmishes on the world stage and/or in the office can be ugly. My escape is to make pretty. In the kitchen, I whip up comfort foods like kinshi tamago – Japanese egg crepes. I also go bike riding on Santa Monica beach. And thank God I’m a docent at the Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens. What’s your RX for finding beauty? In Japan, artistic presentation is key: The plating of food, the packaging of products,... Read Full Article123

Tofu Nuggets, #SundaySupper

Japan is famous for amazing Kobe wagyu beef. Exceptional taste (thanks to the marbled fat) and exceptional cost (thanks to the methods - such as massage - used to raise the cows.) Beef certainly was not taken for granted at our dining room table in Tokyo.   Tofu was always in our refrigerator. Not the kind of packaged tofu in an American supermarket. Sure, the contents looked similar, but in Tokyo (circa 1960s, 1970s) fresh tofu was... Read Full Article124

5 Secrets to Serenity and Girl Power, #InMyKitchen

I'm delighted Maureen of peeked #InMyKitchen and invited me to share. Maureen is the epitome of serenity and girl power. Despite Life’s curve balls, she stands tall. (To read her story go to Maureen also proves her prowess in the kitchen with do-able gourmet dishes and desserts. I’m grateful for Maureen’s inspiration and invite to her #InMyKitchen party. #GirlPower!  March 3rd... Read Full Article125

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cherry Pie, #SundaySupper

Visit Japan and you’ll see symphonies of artistic sweets. The eye follows an unbroken rhythm of desserts composed into perfect rows. Each piece influenced by the natural beauty of the season. In springtime, both traditional Japanese sweets shops and Parisian-inspired patisseries celebrate cherry blossoms. Perfect accompaniments for cherry blossom gazing: Gluten-Free Chocolate Cherry Pie Minis To revel in the warm March winds... Read Full Article126