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Heart Healthy Salmon Bento, #SundaySupper

Japanese bento lunch boxes are budget-savers. Beautifully crafted bentos are often on sale hours before closing in department store basements in Japan. The artistic mosaics of foods arranged in accordance with the season are also available for a reasonable price on bullet train rides and station kiosks. Still, bento boxes like brown bags when homemade are inevitably infused with an invaluable ingredient – love.  A balanced... Read Full Article

Chocolate Péjoy Banana Rum Cake Pops

Banana flambé is flamboyant, dramatic and wonderful. Equally magnificent is a petite version of the dessert with half the fuss and mess. Enter Chocolate Péjoy Banana Rum Cake Pops. What is a chocolate Péjoy? A slim biscuit stick filled with chocolate cream. Basically a chocolate Pocky turned inside out. Kissing Cousins: Glico's Chocolate Pocky and Chocolate Péjoy So, using a baking mix (Bisquick... Read Full Article

Valentine Croquembouche, #ValentineCroque

Welcome to our Valentine Croquembouche Challenge (#ValentineCroque). We are a group of intrepid bloggers who occasionally like to push ourselves well out of our comfort zone to meet baking challenges fearlessly. Jenni Field of Pastry Chef Online, whose tagline is Fearless in the Kitchen, challenged us to make Valentine’s-themed croquembouche. Traditionally, a croquembouche (French for “Crispy in Mouth”) is a tower of cream... Read Full Article

Greek Bread, #TwelveLoaves

A symphony of snowflakes may be serenading you in February. But if you live in the Mediterranean basin, you probably have an olive tree or two outside your kitchen window, boasting to you of their verdant branches. Olives, feta cheese and Greek yogurt swirled into a sweet dough bakes up a great Greek bread! As our mission in this month’s #TwelveLoaves baking challenge was to included olives, this Ninja Baker did some sleuthing.... Read Full Article

Australia Day Japanese Bento Box, Guest Post for #NatashaInOz

Happy Australia Day! My friend, Natasha in Oz invited this Ninja Baker to a Happy Australia Day celebration. Mind boggling to think that in 1788 British ships with convicts were sent over to Australia. Today tourists – including British ones – escape the fetters of daily life to luxuriate in the beauties of Australia. (I’m not talking about the bikini-clad Sheilas!)  The Ninja Baker turned the classic Australian... Read Full Article

Chocolate Velvet Cupcakes, #TheCakeSliceBakers

The Cake Slice Bakers are a group of bakers from around the world. Every month a new challenge arrives...Currently, we are presented with the opportunity to bake one of four recipes from Southern Living’s The Southern Cake Book. This Ninja Baker’s winning choice? Chocolate Velvet Cupcakes with Browned Butter Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting! Do you tremble with excitement or fear at a new challenge? Even with Cake Slice... Read Full Article

Almond Butter Cookies, #CreativeCookieExchange

Awesome Facts About Almond Butter: Almond Butter is Diabetic Friendly: Almond butter registers a low glycemic index. Translation: Carbohydrates with a low glycemic index is helpful to keeping blood sugar stable.  Ideal for diabetics who need to protect against blood sugar surges. Almond Butter Contains Anti-Oxidant Agents: Iron and E vitamin, agents of anti-oxidant are in almond butter and keep cells alive and... Read Full Article

Chocolate Pocky Cake, #SundaySupper

Dorothy clicks her ruby red slippers and declares three-times: “There’s no place like home.” Magically, the little girl and her dog, Toto are transported back to safety and comfort. Do you ever wish you could click your heels and go back in time?  When challenged with the unfamiliar, foods singing of childhood memories do seem to beckon this Ninja Baker. After School Snack Time in Tokyo: Chocolate Pocky &... Read Full Article

Chicken Ramen Mini Casseroles, #SundaySupper

Ramen. The Japanese noodles are everywhere. First I thought LA’s love affair with ramen was exclusive to this City of Angels. However, after traveling across this (mostly) great United (sometimes) States of America, I see Japanese ramen noodles nodding hello from the Asian aisles in supermarkets in even the sleepiest seaside towns. The Ninja Baker's Chicken Ramen Mini Casseroles America’s welcome of the ubiquitous... Read Full Article