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Lick the Bowl Good Author, Monica Holland, Interview & Cookbook Giveaway!

Congratulations to Dorothy of Shockingly Delicious! She is the lucky recipient of Monica Holland's Lick the Bowl Good. Monica Holland is living the dream! A publisher fell in love with the recipes on Monica's Lick the Bowl Good blog. Months later, Monica's cookbook Lick the Bowl Good was born. Flip through the pages of her book and you'll see mouthwatering photographs and recipes for  Oreo... Read More

1 Easy Chocolate Macaron Recipe, 3 Japanese Wine Fillings, #SundaySupper

My love affair began in Paris…Alluring, elusive and addictive... Paris: The City of Lights and macaron cookies! (Photo courtesy of David Cassidy) I just can’t seem to quit my obsession with macarons! My first encounter with the French macaron cookie was at the famed French Le Cordon Bleu cooking school. After the macaron-making workshop, a flush of excitement coursed through my veins. ... Read More

Manischewitz, Cranberry Double Holiday Donuts, #SundaySupper

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” (Shakespeare, William. Hamlet, I, 5, lines 166-167) "O, swear not by the moon, th' inconstant moon." (Shakespeare, William. Romeo and Juliet, II, 2, line 109) (Photo Credit)   The moon and stars have collided in 2013 and we are about to see Thanksgiving and Hanukkah brought together on the same... Read More

Easy Caramel Covered Applesauce Cake, #The Cake Slice Bakers

As bits of Fuji and Granny Smith apples mingled with melting butter, brown sugar and spices, aromas of comfort and joy whispered from the oven. On the stovetop saucepan, bubbling brown sugar, butter and heavy cream sang a cheery tune. A wonderful kitchen symphony  -  thanks to another winning recipe selected by The Cake Slice Bakers.  Who are The Cake Slice Bakers? Professional pastry chefs, wildly talented bakers and... Read More

Coffee? Tea? #Creative Cookie Exchange

#Creative Cookie Exchange creators, Rebecka of At Home with Rebecka and Laura of The Spiced Life have decreed that December is the time to celebrate holiday cookies. Our assignment was to contribute make-ahead freezer cookies. As I readied two batches of cookie dough, one for rich espresso and the other for elegant matcha green tea, Garth Brooks’ Unanswered Prayers played in my head. In the song he softly suggests, “Some of God... Read More

Miso Sesame Cookies, #CookieWeek

Miso – a fermented soybean/rice/barley/salt mixture – is often seen in savory Japanese cuisine. The salty character of miso complements corn, salmon and provides the base for a myriad of miso soup recipes. I’d bet that miso is found in the kitchen of almost every household in Japan…Speaking of gambling, for this #CookieWeek post I used miso for a sweet Miso Sesame Cookie. Miso Sesame Cookies I... Read More

Nutella Cookies, #CookieWeek

Despite the infatuation with foreign imports, Nutella has yet to find popularity in Japanese markets. If in need of a Nutella fix, fans can purchase the beloved chocolate hazelnut spread. In cities where Japan sees the biggest tourist traffic – Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto – in select markets. (Expect to pay double what you pay for Nutella in America.) Rich chocolate hazelnut is baked into a Nutella cookie.... Read More

Saketini Christmas Balls, #CookieWeek

Welcome to #cookieweek my little cookie monsters! Susan of The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen and Kim of Cravings of a Lunatic have joined together this week with 23 of their blog friends to present to you a week of cookie treats! We have every type of cookie you can think of listed this week, including something for our furry friends! Now is the time to bookmark these recipes for the upcoming holidays and cookie swaps or simply visit our... Read More

Cinnamon Rolls à la The Great Pumpkin, #SundaySupper

Like cinnamon rolls, The Great Pumpkin of Peanuts cartoon fame adds sweetness to the Halloween season. In the midst of howling ghosts in Haunted Houses, this Ninja Baker craves a bit of comfort. How about you? Great Pumpkins: Ready to be transformed into pumpkin cinnamon rolls!   Hats off to you if you celebrate scary ghouls and spirits with gusto. You’ll feel right at home at this week’s #SundaySupper at Twitter... Read More