Kid-Friendly Cookies & Grown-Up Ice Cream


Kid-Friendly Cookies:
Momofuku Chocolate Chip Cornflake Cookies, #SundaySupper


Momofuku Chocolate Chip Cornflake Cookies


Fun fact: In Japanese momo (?)means peach and the character for fuku (?)reads as good fortune.  However, in Japan the words are never paired together. There is no such word as momofuku in Japanese. Yet, the Momofuku restaurant group’s website boldly declares, “Momofuku means lucky peach.”...Read more at


Grown-Up Ice Cream:
The Ninja Baker's Japanese Plum Wine Brownie Chip Ice Cream, #ChocolateParty


Japanese Plum Wine Brownie Chip Ice Cream


In our Tokyo home, Japanese plum wine was enjoyed only for truly momentous events. My sister’s 16th birthday was one of those rare events. We took the precious bottle of alcohol with the wrinkled plums out of the pantry and raised our glasses...Read more at



The Ninja Baker

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