Unleash Your Inner Japanese Bento Master

Unleash Your Inner Bento Master was written before the passing of my super talented and sweet friend, James Burton. He would've been 60 years old this week. I've chosen not to alter the article to honor the ever present Spirit in us all. Happy Birthday Sweet Baby James!

In every season there's a reason to reach for comfort foods. But isn't it nice to know you can stay healthy and enjoy? Take a look at Classic Japanese Comfort Foods with a Lighter Touch. Fresh in the Boxでいつも里帰りができます。

Top Secret Ninja Note: When hungry in the heart of Ginza (Tokyo, Japan) head for Matsuya Ginza Department Store. Pick up a bento in the basement at a reasonable price....Then run away from the crowds and head to the roof. You'll find a mini shrine, tables and chairs to enjoy a very serene lunch!

The Ninja Baker

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