Ueno Zoo Family Fun #Tokyo

Xiang Xiang means popular in Chinese. So it’s the perfect name for Tokyo’s star panda. Lucky were those who won a lottery ticket several months ago to see the “Made in Japan” baby. You, however, are the fortunate one if you travel to Tokyo today.  Ueno Zoo – home to Xiang Xiang – now issues a Disneyesque Fast Pass. Even better news: You can leave the zoo and come back at your appointed panda viewing time.

Gluten-Free Divine Donuts and Donuts in Japan

The opening of Mister Donuts in Tokyo was like winning Willie Wonka’s golden ticket and a 3-day pass to Disney World. No more sugar glazed bread circles stuffed into plastic bags pretending to be donuts. Mister Donuts were like real American donuts. The chocolate donuts tasted like firm chocolate cake. More food fantasies were fulfilled with the appearance of Dunkin’ Donuts. My favorites were the pastel cream filled donuts. Krispy Kreme shops also caused great excitement. And lines around the block.

A First Class Trip to Asia via Beverly Hills

La Cienega buzzes with traffic. Smart drivers stop at Shan’s Social House. Hopping out of the car, the customers step into a serene Japanese garden. The elegant door opens and diners are greeted with a sincere smile. Any seat in the restaurant shows off the high-end Asian décor...アジアの最高の味と風景はロサンゼルスのShan’s Social Houseで楽しめます。 オーナーさんシャン・シュン・コーは韓国出身ですが彼女のレストランの庭園と食事は日本文化の影響を受けています。元々のビジネスは魚介輸入、輸出卸会社です。銀ダラ西京焼きはとても人気があります。

The Power of Love and Japanese Yuzu #PioneerWoman #FruitDessert

Ree Drummond, the redheaded Pioneer Woman smiles at me from the cover of People magazine. Like many Americans, I’m enchanted with the Manhattan marketing maven who traded her high heels in for cowboy boots. Skyscrapers disappeared and so did her strict vegan diet. A dashing Ladd Drummond swept Ree off her feet and onto his ranch.

The Food Network star rejected her Pawhuska, Oklahoma small town roots in her youth. Fame as a globetrotting prima ballerina was young Ree’s goals. Yet a chance encounter in a smoky bar changed her mind. Ironically love brought her the notoriety she craved in her youth.

The Pioneer Woman blog started as recipes and photography of her new life on the ranch. Love for her cowboy, children and good food has led Ree Drummond to 15 TV seasons, 4 cookbooks, and 1 profitable Pioneer Woman product line.

Pioneer Woman recipes burgeoned from Ree’s care for family. They are practical, do-able and delicious! Her apricot bars are divine. B

Dancing with the Flavors of the World

My World on a Plate is currently the darling catering company of Hollywood’s celebs and event planners. Each dish and dessert spotlights flavors from around the globe. The CIA (Culinary Institute of America) trained chef; Keven Lee is the mastermind behind client faves such as Green Tea Anglaise topped White Chocolate Bread Pudding. Chef Keven perfected his chocolatier and pastry skills in Switzerland. The chef has also spent time experimenting with staples of the Japanese pantry. (He is a big fan of yuzu.) “My World on a Plate is (prepared to be) dared to be challenged on any level,” declares the chef.

My World on a Plate のケータリング会社ではハリウッドのセレブからよく注文があります。例えば、最近スタートレックのようなテレビシリーズのオービルという番組が始まった際、その打ち上げパーティーは、このMy World on a Plate のケータリング会社が使われました。My World on a Plate の意味は2つあります。シェフケビン・リーの作る料理のお皿に世界の味と自分のクリエイティブな感性を表現することです。

Matcha Monster Rice Krispies #SundaySupper

The Cookie Monster prepared a former Japanese boss for his life in America. Sesame Street’s approach to English language basics is fun! My hope is that my Matcha Monster Rice Krispies introduces essentials to successful travel to and business in Japan in a delicious manner. Japanese friends living abroad will also appreciate your awesome awareness of their culture.

Matcha Rice Krispies may look to be a no-brainer treat. Well, that’s true. If you know a few tricks. So, too, knowledge of a few Japanese customs and phrases will (almost) guarantee a magical Japan trip. A little effort is greatly rewarded in Japan. Don’t be surprised if you feel like a movie star.

If you know marshmallows, you know they are sweet but sticky.  Before you melt the marshmallows and butter, you coat the pan with cooking spray. Right? When in Japan, you may see a cordial smile and take it at face value. If you know about tatemae and honne, you’ll think twice. And act accordingly.