Historical Goodness: Boston Cream Pie Bundt-lets

Charles Dickens (English author of classics such as Great Expectations) and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (the American poet who penned Paul Revere’s Ride) were just a few of the celebrities who strolled into the Omni Parker Hotel in Boston the 1850s. Probably to savor the hotel’s famed Boston Cream Pie. Maybe they connected with their muses whilst biting into a deep chocolate coating a yellow cake filled with pastry cream… The luxurious dessert was also the pick of the Cake Slice Baker’s group.

S’More Brownies, #FWConf13

The vast velvet skies studded with stars, which glimmered over Meadow Mountain Girl Scout Camp in Colorado, accentuated the vast distance between my rustic reality and the comforts of home. I longed to see the flashing neon signs of Ginza, to hear the joy-filled chants of men carrying mini Shinto shrines (called mikoshi) down the street during the summer festival season, and to smell the sizzling soy sauce-drenched yakitori skewered chicken...There is one memory, however, from my Girl Scout Camping days, which made the whole experience worthwhile – S’Mores!

Mini Baked Alaska, #Chocolate Party

As a child didn’t the adults in your life ask, “What do you want to be and do when you’re a grownup?”

How did you reply? I dreamed of being a royal princess. Whenever the ever-so genteel Crown Princess Michiko (now the Empress of Japan) appeared on television, my heart ached to embody such grace and enjoy such luxury. The yearning was exacerbated the day I was served Baked Alaska at the Imperial Hotel…

Black & White Vintage Cakes

Excited to be a part of this formidable group of ladies called The Cake Slice Bakers, I took on this month’s assignment of baking a Black & White Cake from Vintage Cakes cookbook.  (Variations of shapes e.g. cupcakes, Bundt cakes are allowed.) Suddenly, popping up on Facebook were previews of fellow contributors’ completely professional cakes! This confirmed my suspicion that I was part of an elite group. Gulp....When faced with performance anxiety...