Pick up Happy, #Pretz

“Pick up happy. Pick up Pretz!” So goes the commercial for the popular Japanese savory snack stick.

 Since 1962, Japanese have picked up Pretz at snack time.

Pretz is a newcomer on most American market snack aisles. The “lightly salted”  (asari shio) original version is found in US markets.  Hawaii is the exception. The 50th state has a pineapple flavor Pretz in their supermarkets. In Japan, Pretz comes roasted and dipped in soy sauce. A new sweet potato Pretz made its debut in August 2015.

Pretz is a big and little kid-friendly stocking stuffer.

Like its cousins Pocky and Pejoy, the Pretz biscuit snack is kid-friendly. No need to wash greasy, salty potato chip hands after snack time…One of many things to be grateful for when rushing to get Thanksgiving dinner on the table.  I enjoyed an early celebration this year. I giggled to see my nephew and his son, (my great-nephew) sneaking Pretz when they thought Auntie K wasn’t looking!

Even the pickiest eaters are pleased with Pretz.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, Pretz make perfect rice ball turkey feathers.  The Japanese rice ball (onigiri) is easy to make. Watch this video here and/or see the instructions below.

Japanese onigiri (rice balls) with Pretz turkey feathers
are sure to be  gobbled up!

Japanese Turkey Rice Balls (Onigiri)

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Holidays are made happier with cheery voices of children. Of course, channeling the (sometimes sugar-charged) energy of little ones can be a challenge. Here's a kid-friendly project which will yield yummy and healthy results.

  • Japanese short-grain rice
  • Tofu, turkey or hot dogs; cooked and chopped
  • (You’ll need the circular ends of the “dogs” for turkey faces.)
  • Seaweed (nori) and/or rice paper
  • Black sesame seeds
  • Small dried cranberries cut in half
  • Honey
  1. Prepare Japanese sticky short-grain rice per package and rice cooker instructions.
  2. Scoop ice cream size balls out of the cooker with plastic wrap.
  3. Nestle nori seaweed or paper rice around the rice balls.
  4. Place a tofu or turkey dog head atop each onigiri rice ball.
  5. Arrange Pretz sticks (cut in half) in a fan shape to create Thanksgiving turkey feathers. 
  6. Sesame seeds and cranberry “glued” on with honey complete the Thanksgiving Pretz turkey.

***Glico USA kindly provided Pretz for this NinjaBaker.com post.

Wishing you a happy memories-making Thanksgiving.

The Ninja Baker

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