Love Blossoms a Beautiful Bakery : Sensitive Sweets

The OC is home to two Sensitive Sweets bakeries. They are a testament to a mother’s love for her children. Sensitive Sweets’ owner, Melanie Hohman’s two sons are challenged with severe food allergies. Determined to have her sons experience the delights of desserts, Melanie marched into her kitchen and began experimenting with recipes. She didn’t emerge until she had created delicious gluten-free treats, which were also devoid of dairy, egg and soy products. 


How To Win the Super Bowl Snack-Time Game, #Glutino

Taut as a high wire act, tensions run high at Super Bowl parties. Broncos’ quarterback, Peyton Manning could be history’s oldest Super Bowl winner. The football star is familiar with the Super Bowl scene. (He’s appeared with the Colts and the Broncos.) So, Bronco fans will undoubtedly be crossing their toes and fingers that Super Bowl 50 will produce the coveted win.

The Panthers and their fans are also hungry for the Vince Lombardi trophy. The Super Bowl win has consistently eluded the Panthers. However, with Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton stalking the trophy, the curse of never winning a Super Bowl might turn around this Sunday….Cam Newton is a 26-year-old sapling compared to Peyton Manning’s dinosaur age of 39!

Japanese Plum Wine Donuts, How to Survive A Broken Heart, #RED #TwelveLoaves

Like butterfly wings, Life is fragile. There is beauty. The searing pain of leaving the known territory of a cocoon is also Life. Sometimes I want to take flight to a Japanese garden and soak in serenity. No matter the escape, reality always comes marching in.

Enchanted by the idea of taking on another persona, I pursued the life of an actor into my twenties. My 5-year-old self set sights on the acting profession. (Escaping my seat in a Tokyo movie theatre, I twirled down the aisle to I Could Have Danced All Night. My sister ran down the aisle to capture me.)

I worked as an actress in Japan and America. In the US, jobs were few and far between.  Oscar's red magic carpet eluded me. So, I entered the corporate world. Fast-forward several decades: Serendipitously, I was introduced to a manager. I went on a few auditions. No jobs. The manager said goodbye several months ago. 

5 Secrets to Save Your Mind & Money, #InMyKitchen

My 5 secrets to save your mind and money are crafted for Valentine's Day. The present tips are all simple and kitchen pantry staples. They also work for any other obligatory gift-giving season.

I'm delighted Maureen of peeked #InMyKitchen. And encouraged me to open up the doors and show and tell! In the process of tidying up for the event, the light bulb went on... Many of the items in my kitchen are perfect present material. So, thank you Maureen for hosting #InMyKitchen. (Perhaps I should've said 6 Secrets to Save Your Mind & Money. A visit to will reveal a treasure trove of zinger recipes!)

Seed Kitchen: Macrobiotic Magic, Madonna's Dessert & More, #Giveaway

Venice is a must for those who desire the complete Southern California experience. Rollerbladers and bicyclists glide on pathways paralleling the Pacific Ocean. In the sea, surfers in wetsuits frolic like dolphins in the waves.  On occasion Chef Eric Lechasseur, co-owner of Venice’s macrobiotic Seed Kitchen is one of the surfers…If he’s not prepping meals for Hollywood celebs or updating the macrobiotic menu for Seed Kitchen.

Seasons (as in Japanese cooking) are honored in macrobiotic food creation. Chef Eric traded in his cream-heavy French sauces for organic, healthy cooking when his wife, Sanae Suzuki (co-owner of Seed Kitchen) was diagnosed with cancer. Sanae is now cancer-free. She is, of course, a fan of her husband’s wholesome cuisine. You may also be a fan after a Seed Kitchen meal. You won’t be alone. Seed Kitchen cookbooks (on sale at the restaurant) are sprinkled with praise from stars. Madonna says, “Eric’s macro desserts are so indulgent, you would think they are sinful!”

Native Foods, A Vegan Celebration, Cookbook #Giveaway

2016 may be your lucky year. Especially if you win my giveaway of Native Foods Celebration Cookbook: Delicious Vegan Recipes to Celebrate Every Month of the Year.  (Scroll down for details.)

Of course, you are already lucky if you live in LA and live close to a Native Foods restaurant.  Even if you don't care about healthy eating, one bite into a Native Foods dinner or dessert may change your mind forever.

Gluten-Free Merry Christmas Cupcakes, #Glutino

Glutino generously sent me a package of their products. All opinions are my own.

Thanks to Glutino, everyone can enjoy a Merry Christmas. Gluten sensitive friends and family can now appreciate your sweet gifts from the kitchen. (Worse than lumps of coal in a Christmas stocking is dessert deprivation during this season of merriment. Right?)

My husband works on FOX TV’s Bones. For their Christmas party I made gluten-free chocolate cupcakes. And received rave reviews! After polite thank yous, mmm, I was continually asked, “Are you sure this is gluten-free?”

Santa Cookies, #SundaySupper

Santa Claus beckoned. Game face on, I approached the jolly man in the red suit. Securely seated on his velvet lap, I whispered my wishes. Cinnamon spices and pine cones scented the air with Christmas. The photographer’s camera flashed and the elf firmly escorted me off Santa’s lap. In a daze from the magical encounter, I’d grasp my Japanese nanny’s hand. Would Santa bring the desired dolly? My nanny, Kawaji-san, assured me with a sweet smile that all would be well. Sigh. Priorities of childhood have shifted. As they should.  Still, I want to believe that a Santa Clause – a benevolent grandfather - will bring presents and reward me for being good.

Pick up Happy, #Pretz

“Pick up happy. Pick up Pretz!” So goes the commercial for the popular Japanese savory snack stick.

Pretz is a newcomer on most American market snack aisles. But Japanese have munched on Pretz since 1962. The “lightly salted”  (asari shio) original version is found in US markets.  Hawaii is the exception. The 50th state has a pineapple flavor Pretz in their supermarkets. In Japan, Pretz comes roasted and dipped in soy sauce. A new sweet potato Pretz made its debut in August 2015.

Like its cousins Pocky and Pejoy, the Pretz biscuit snack is kid-friendly. No need to wash greasy, salty potato chip hands after snack time…One of many things to be grateful for when rushing to get Thanksgiving dinner on the table.  I enjoyed an early celebration this year. I giggled to see my nephew and his son, (my great-nephew) sneaking Pretz when they thought Auntie K wasn’t looking!