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gluten free disney mickey mouse pumpkin cupcakes easy recipe

Pumpkin Cupcakes

You might think a cupcake with hearty pumpkin is heavy or dense. The magicians at Martha Stewart have created a moist, light pumpkin cupcake. Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and a pinch of pie spice add to the warmth of this fall cupcake. As the cake is not very sweet, the cream cheese frosting is welcome.  

honey donuts glutenfree paleo easy recipe

Mini Honey Donuts

Wholesome goodness greets you in each bite of honey donut. The almond flour gives the donut a hearty cake like texture. The glaze made with honey, vanilla beans and coconut butter crown the cake donuts with a touch of coconutty sweetness. More good news: The donuts are gluten-free!

matcha green tea ice cream no churn recipe waffle best

Matcha Ice Cream Teatime Sandwiches


Matcha Ochazuke Hot Dog Rice

Rice Krispie sushi japan Japanese sushi bar tips

Rice Krispie Sushi

Taking my cue from the creative takes on sushi in Japan, I've invented Rice Krispie Sushi!

Chinese Bao Liu Sha Bao

Salted Egg Custard aka Liu Sha Bao

blueberry easy recipe cupcakes for fourth of july

Rose Petal Jam Filled Blueberry Cupcakes

sushi japanese sushi beef easy how-to recipe

Cowboy Sushi

Certified Angus Beef® brand beef flank steak croons like a country love song. Tender yet bold. Delicate threads of Japanese sake rice wine, soy sauce and a kiss of butter complement the beef. Wrapped up in Japanese white rice and nori (dried seaweed) the cowboy sushi may just have you doing a do-si-do with your favorite people. 

chocolate Japanese tofu cupcakes easy recipe cake mix

Chocolate Tofu Cupcakes from The Ninja Baker

Have your chocolate cupcake and keep your swimsuit figure! Tofu is big on protein, will fill you up and will keep those cravings low.

P.s. Sneaking tofu into chocolate cake is also a perfect way to ensure your kidlets get proper nutrition.

tofu octopus hot dogs Japanese food easy recipe

How to Make Japanese Style Octopus Hot Dogs

Japanese tako (octopus) tofu, turkey or beef hot dogs bring smiles to kids of all ages...Including aunties! Hot dogs shaped into octopuses frequently adorn Japanese bento. Placed there with love by mothers, aunties and grandmas. Maybe you'll be making Japanese tako tofu regularly dogs, too.