Recipe List

Acorn Squash Ramen

Asian Pear Bread

A distinct Asian nashi pear flavors this bread...The almond Demerara topping is baked golden brown and adds an elegant kind of candy crunch. 

Makes 6 mini loaves.

Inspired by the fresh peach bread recipe at

Chocolate Oreo Pocky Cupcakes, Cake, and Morello Cherry Buttercream

As Pocky, Oreos are tantalizing treats in any season; I whipped them into chocolate cupcakes. And what tray could be more tantalizing than one made out of cake? Chocolate cake smothered with Morello cherry buttercream to be specific.  Enjoy! 

The cake recipe is adapted from the Pillsbury Softassilk flour box.

Cherry Chipotle Ice Cream

A fresh cherry kiss is discovered in the first spoonful of the ice cream. A smoky aftertaste similar to aged wine follows.

Inspired by the vanilla bean ice cream recipe in Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams At Home.

Cherry Blossom Saketini

A sip of celebration is discovered in this ice cream based cherry blossom saketini!

Ninja Note: You deserve the few extra pennies cost of premium cherry blossom sakura tea.


Berry Delicious Muffins & Berry Nutty Bento

The Ninja Baker's Berry Delicious Muffin is moist and dense with berries which tickle the palate with pleasure. A trace of ginger lingers on the tongue. (If a stronger ginger taste is preferred, increase the suggested measurement.) Both the muffin and bento are happy-making ways to slip into any season.

Quinoa Donburi and Mini Bento

The Beefy Crumble when sautéed with the soy sauce and grapeseed oil tastes similar to a sweet sausage. (The good news is the No-Beef Beefy Crumble is gluten-free and contains no cholesterol!) The soy sauce contrasts nicely with the Beefy Crumble.

If you can get a hold of Satsuma Mandarin balsamic vinegar, do so. The citrus flavor enhances the squeeze of lemon juice in the crumble.

This recipe makes enough for one generous serving for a donburi rice bowl and one mini Japanese bento lunch box.

Green Tea and Chocolate Saketini

Sophisticated adult vodka and sake tastes say hello to kid cookies. The matcha green tea latte gives a shy nod of an aftertaste. (If you like matcha green tea, increase the powder mix by a tablespoon or two.)

Ninja Note 1:
A sturdy water bottle filled with crushed ice is a great substitute for a tumbler.

Ninja Note 2:
A slotted spoon helps to retrieve stray ice cubes.

Easy Japanese Edamame Mexican Rice

Easy Japanese Edamame Mexican Rice is ideal for the nights when you are short on time but want to deliver big on flavor and nutrition. 

Fig and White Chocolate Matcha Donuts

A soft kiss of a donut which flirts with the flavors of figs and matcha green tea. Black Mission figs add a gentle jam texture while the white chocolate chips adds a velvety touch of sweet. 

Makes 18 donuts and 24 donut holes

Adapted from the Barefoot Contessa’s Food Network recipe.