Recipe List

Shrimp Mac 'n Cheese à la Japonais

An American classic with a good ninja-kick of Japanese-style horseradish. The more subtle Japanese edamame soy beans also work well with the ooey, gooey cheese. (Of course, what doesn’t work well with cheese?!)

Gluten-Free Mini Scones

Melt in the mouth goodness gluten-free scones. Add a touch of strawberry jam - Heaven! Your mini mes will love the Ninja Baker's gluten-free mini scones whether they are gluten sensitive or not. 

Lemon Velvet Squares

As seen in Carole Walter's Great Cakes and at, this Lemon Velvet Squares recipe will produce a light dessert.  My Japanese citrus yuzu glaze gives a squirt of lemon-lime flavor. But if you love a lemon pucker, double or triple the lemon zest.

Strawberry Pocky Chocolate Cookies

Studding white chocolate cookies are Japanese Strawberry Pocky and Strawberry Kit-Kat. Chips of white and semi-sweet chocolate also speckle this whimsical take on traditional chocolate chip cookies. The recipe is inspired by Averie Cooks and Momofuku Milk Bar's Compost Cookies

Yields approximately 60 small cookies.

Cookie Cups with Burgundy Cream

Whipped cream and Burgundy wine makes life beautiful. And even more luscious when piped into cookie cups.

The cookie cup directions are adapted from the Pillsbury Sugar dough package.

Majestic Burgundy Mushrooms

The embrace of the earthy Portabellinis (mini Portobello mushrooms) and the robust Burgundy seems to have been destined. Rich, hearty wine and mushroom flavors mingle with a trifecta of sweet corn, onion and green pepper.

Chocolate Cherry Brownie Kisses

Lick the Bowl Good Popular cookbook author and blogger, Monica Holland, kindly granted this Ninja Baker the permission to print her delectable Chocolate Cherry Brownie Kisses recipe. Inspired by Monica's innovative spirit, instead of maraschino cherries I used real ones. (Pitted, of course!) And substituted kirsch cherry liqueur for maraschino cherry juice.  Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate was also added to compensate for the tart cherries. 

Mini Dorayakis (Pancakes with Red Bean Paste)

Dorayaki: An ever popular Japanese red azuki bean paste (anko) is sandwiched between  pancakes. The minis provide a touch of sweetness any time of day or night.

Yuzu (Japanese Citrus) Scones

The Japanese yuzu citrus glaze kissed sugar crust gives away to a soft scone middle. They say the way into a man’s heart is his stomach…This recipe may just be the one!

As yuzu tastes like the combination of lemon and lime. Feel free to substitute lemon or lime or a little of both for the yuzu.

This recipe is adapted from King Arthur Flour.

Mandarin Orange Crescent Rolls

Mikan - Japanese oranges - commonly known as cutie pies in the U.S. are a popular autumn and winter fruit. From children's bento lunch boxes to home altars, mikan are everywhere. Understandably. The mini oranges are a quick pick-me-up -  just like my crescent rolls filled with homemade mandarin orange jam.