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chocolate Japanese tofu cupcakes easy recipe cake mix

Chocolate Tofu Cupcakes from The Ninja Baker

Have your chocolate cupcake and keep your swimsuit figure! Tofu is big on protein, will fill you up and will keep those cravings low.

P.s. Sneaking tofu into chocolate cake is also a perfect way to ensure your kidlets get proper nutrition.

tofu octopus hot dogs Japanese food easy recipe

How to Make Japanese Style Octopus Hot Dogs

Japanese tako (octopus) tofu, turkey or beef hot dogs bring smiles to kids of all ages...Including aunties! Hot dogs shaped into octopuses frequently adorn Japanese bento. Placed there with love by mothers, aunties and grandmas. Maybe you'll be making Japanese tako tofu regularly dogs, too.

ramen kid friendly vegetables best easy recipe

Veggie Ramen

Speaking as an auntie and great-auntie, here are a few strategies used to get children to eat their vegetables!

1. Use colorful vegetables


Pink Chocolate Blondies

Japanese matcha green tea easy recipe frosting cake orange

Magic Matcha Frosted Orange Cupcakes #MakeItwithMILK #FWCon

iron chef masaharu morimoto japanese egg omelet recipe

Japanese Tamagoyaki Egg Omelet Salad

oreo taco cookies cinco de mayo japanese childrens  day

Oreo Taco Cookies

Oreo Taco Cookies is DYI cookie crafting fun in the kitchen. Ideal for those with kidlets. Oreo Taco Cookies are also a confidence booster for those of us who draw stick figures and /or are not naturally craft inclined.

gourmandise school ninja baker recipe

Gourmandise School Campfire Cake

Gourmandise School Campfire Cake is a gourmet approach to the classic American s'more. Rich chocolate is drizzled over a wholesome wheat cupcake. Mounds of Italian meringue frosting (or marshmallow topping) round off this cupcake designed for the dessert connoisseur!

Japanese bento easy tuna and tomato kid friendly project

Tuna and Tomato Bento

Japanese bentos are a beautiful way to express your love for your family. Tuna is full of omega-3 fatty acids and great for heart health. Tomatoes are chock full of vitamins A, B6, C and K.


Easy Japanese Lemon Yuzu Bars