Recipe List

Midori Melon Cupcakes & Frosting

Midori Melon cupcakes and frosting are festive and fluffy light. 

The buttercream recipe on the back of the C&H powdered sugar box provided the inspiration for the Midori Melon frosting. 

Cousin Eva's Fudge (with the Ninja Baker's Pocky Twist)

Christmas magic is all about savoring the goodness in the world. Biting into this fudge may remind you of the childhood wonder of the season. Deep, dark smooth chocolate marries crunchy Pocky cookie bits in this fudge recipe.

Chocolate Gingerbread from Monica Holland's LIck the Bowl Good Cookbook

Courtesy of Monica Holland, author of Lick the Bowl Good, I'm happy to share the classic gingerbread with a twist of chocolate!


Chocolate Macaron Cookies

Bite into the delicate shelled chocolate macaron cookies and discover fudgy centers.

A few tips: 
To get the macarons to rise, do not over or under mix the batter. 
Make sure all ingredients are room temperature.

This recipe is adapted from The Chew's Carla Hall.

Manischewitz, Cranberry Double Holiday Donuts

Diamond sugar crystals sparkle on snowy banks of flour. A subtle scent reminiscent of Hawaii lingers in the air as coconut flour is added. Next, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger wake up the senses.  Chocolate, cranberries and Manischewitz blackberry wine sweeten the luscious mix.

Miso Sesame Cookies

Miso Sesame Cookies are light, delicate butter cookies sprinkled with a subtle, nutty sesame flavor. Perfect for the ladies-who-lunch crowd and teatime!

This recipe is adapted from the Anncoo Journal.

Nutella Cookies

Based on a Vegetarian Times recipe, this Nutella cookie is rich with chocolate hazelnut goodness....Caution: It may be hard to eat just one!

Saketini Christmas Balls

Naughty...but sooo nice. Chocolate, crushed pecans, sake wine and vanilla vodka and cookies combine to create these sensational Christmas treats.

This recipe is adapted from a rum ball recipe at Taste of Home.

Japanese Style Grilled Cheese on Homemade Cheese Bread

The aromas of baking bread fill a home with comfort and fill a tummy with homemade goodness. This cheese bread is subtle in its cheese accents. But you can always substitute a sharp cheddar for the milder varieties.

This cheese bread is a perfect candidate for the Japanese style grilled cheese. Butter sweetens the slightly pungent shiitake mushrooms which land on soft bread and cheddar cheese.

Peach Jam Spice Bundt Cake

Perfectly spiced this bundt cake recipe is a keeper. Don't expect a big peach flavor. Do look forward to a cake made moist by the jam. Plain or with whipped cream (flavored with peach jam) and caramel sauce, this is a divine dessert.

This recipe is adapted from Julie Richardson's Vintage Cakes.