Recipe List

Momotaro Peach Boy Cake (Adapted from Martha Stewart’s Peaches-and-Cream Bundt)

Momotaro (Peach Boy) is a legendary Japanese folk hero.
This cake may also prove to be a legend! 

Tamago Toji (Egg Soup)

My friend, Akio-san, is spoiled (deservedly so) with his wife Takako-san's meals. Sometimes she is called away to deal with family business in Japan. So, Akio-san is left to fend for himself. He very generously shared this easy yet stomach-warming recipe for egg soup (tamago toji) with spinach recipe.

Asian Summer Rice Salad

As welcome as a breeze on a hot summer's day, the Ninja Baker's Asian Summer Rice Salad will provide relief from hours in the kitchen. Gather the fixings. In minutes you'll gift you and yours with a tasty and nutritious meal!

Tamagoyaki, Japanese Egg Omelet

Tamagoyaki, Japanese egg omelet is a staple in every bento lunch box. Accompanied by miso soup, my husband loves tamagoyaki breakfast, noon and night.

AnPan (Buns filled with adzuki bean paste)

AnPan buns filled with anko (adzuki sweet bean paste) have delighted Japanese children and adults for decades. As Americans are more open than ever to try Japanese treats and ingredients like adzuki red beans, I thought I'd share my AnPan recipe. Enjoy!

magic mother love bread cranberry bread

Betty Watkinson's Cranberry Bread

A magical cranberry bread recipe that was found on the floor of my mother-in-law's apartment shortly after she passed. This was one of David's favorite childhood goodies. It might sound funny but I always feel a loving presence when baking a loaf of Betty's Cranberry Bread.

Jeanne Sakamoto's Apple Pie

When Jeanne Sakamoto is not running an office with aplomb, she is a domestic goddess producing divine desserts from her kitchen. She is also kind. And kindly agreed to share her apple pie recipe with the Ninja Baker.smiley

Takako Nomi's Bet You Can't Eat Just One Biscotti

Takako Nomi is an entrepreneur extraordinaire and an exceptional baker. She's one of those people (like my grandmother, Nona) who does not rely on cookbooks. She intuits the correct measurements and methods when baking. And the results are always delicious. With pen in hand, for those of us who need concrete measurements, I was able to capture her irresistible biscotti recipe.

Betty's Cream Puffs

Dance classmate Betty's cream puff recipe will have your taste buds tap-dancing with delight. 

Tokyo Ozone: New Year Celebration Soup

Courtesy of my brilliantly creative cooking friend, Masako Shimamoto, I am able to share a tasty and authentic Tokyo-style ozone. The soup is traditionally is made to celebrate the New Year.

As in many traditional Japanese dishes, ingredients are sparsely used. The idea is to create a pretty picture in the bowl. Let your inner artist emerge!