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Japanese Matcha Green Tea Latte Shuhari Matcha Cafe Latte Easy Recipe

Japanese Matcha Latte, Shuhari Matcha Cafe Style

japan tea ceremony matcha lavender cupcake recipe japanese itsawonderfullife

Matcha Frosted Lavender Cupcakes

Trisha Yearwood inspired gluten free chocolate peanut butter pretzel no-bake bars

Gluten-Free No-Bake Chocolate-Peanut Butter Squares

chocolate brownie pumpkin recipe easy japanese mikan orange

Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies

Feisty and festive spices are sprinkled into brownie batter. A healthy dose of pumpkin and Japanese orange zest brings another gift of deliciousness. 
The cake-like brownie is perfect plain. But the cream cheese frosting and the dark chocolate garnish gives the impression that the holidays never ended.

The Nutcracker Sugar Plum Fairy cupcake Japanese easy recipe

Japanese Sugar Plum Fairy Cupcakes

The Nutcracker ballet is a magical holiday delight. Tchaikovsky's ballet enchants audiences around the world. As a tribute to the Sugar Plum Fairy, I've created a cupcake which dances sweet and light into the tummy. Japanese plum wine is delicious and may have you doing pirouettes. It's a great addition to vanilla frosting...But it is alcohol. So, if you have children, use tart cherry juice which is just as scrumptious...and pink!  

Japanese miso glazed corn easy recipe side dish

Miso Glazed Corn

chocolate pumpkin cake autumn cakelet pan

Pumpkin Chocolate Cake

Pumpkin is a yummy vegetable. It's healthy, right? With a few spices and a little flour, sugar and butter, it's even better. And absolutely divine when accented with a bit of chocolate. The recipe below is easy. The cake is tender and light. Pumpkin is definitely the star but not in an overpowering way. I used Hershey's Miniatures for surprise chocolate centers. What chocolates would you use for this pumpkin cake?

japanese yuzu cheesecake slice recipe

Move Over Limoncello Japanese Yuzu Cheesecake

The best of both worlds collide in this luscious Japanese yuzu liqueur laced cheesecake! Cool Whip, cream cheese, tofu and yuzu liqueur go for a twirl in the food processor with a few more ingredients. Then poured into a Pocky crust.

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Gluten-Free Halloween Treat How-Tos

Gluten-free Halloween treats are super easy to create with Glutino products...
In case all the details in the photos aren't evident, here's the easy how-to.

healthy yellow cake Japanese fan easy recipe at NinjaBaker.com_

Healthy Yellow Cupcakes

A pale and pretty pumpkin orange peeks through this yellow cake cupcake. However, if need to hide the nutritious value of this cupcake; conceal all edges with extra frosting - loaded with beetroot powder!