Matcha Ochazuke Hot Dog Rice


Matcha ochazuke rice is indeed a simple but splendid feast for the palette. Delicate crunchy crackers accent soft rice.  The slightly bitter tea balances the mildly sweet nori seaweed. Japanese pickles add a salty, savory element.

If this is your first foray into Japanese matcha ochazuke rice, feel free to substitute more familiar flavors. Like protein-packed, slightly salty, kid-friendly hot dogs!

P.s. If you want to convince your children to try foods from abroad, Japanese matcha ochazuke rice bowl is a great place to start. Especially if you make octopus shaped hot dogs. The how-to is here.


Per serving of Matcha Ochazuke Hot Dog Rice:

  • 1 hot dog, cubed or made into an octopus shape
  • 1 cup cooked Japanese (short-grain) sticky rice
  • ¼ - ½ cup of Japanese matcha green tea
  • Handful of dried nori seaweed
  • Handful of Japanese rice crackers
  • Handful of French onion crisps, if desired
  • ¼ teaspoon Japanese matcha powder for garnish, if desired


Cook the hot dogs according to package directions.
Pour the matcha green tea on top of the rice.
Sprinkle with dried nori seaweed and Japanese rice crackers.
If desired also garnish with fried onion crisps and a soupcon of matcha powder.
Top with a sliced or octopus shaped hot dog.