Gluten-Free Halloween Treat How-Tos

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Gluten-free Halloween treats are super easy to create with Glutino products...
In case all the details in the photos aren't evident, here's the easy how-to.

  • Candy Eyes
  • Glutino Pretzels
  • Glutino Yankee Cornbread Mix (Eggs, Butter, Buttermilk or Greek Yogurt)
  • Cheese
  • Glutino English Muffins
  • Olives
  • Mini Tomato
  • Hummus or your favorite savory spread
  • Lettuce

For Halloween Pretzel Critters, insert candy eyes in the holes.

For the Cornbread Cakes, prepare according to package instructions. (Greek yogurt is a great substitute for the buttermilk.)
If making cornbread cupcakes bake for about 22 minutes. Once cooled, decorate with Halloween shapes created with cookie cutters.

For the English Muffin Monster, spread hummus or your favorite spread on both sides. 
Secure 2 olives on top with toothpicks, place a mini tomato for the nose...With a lettuce leaf attach the monster's tongue!