Rum Glazed Cookie Cream Buns, #SundaySupper

Drunk on the joys of the season, I created Rum Glazed Cookie Cream Buns. Doughnut textured buns stuffed with cookie cream, smothered with rum glaze and topped with Japanese cookie crumbles, Rum Glazed Cookie Cream Buns are this Ninja Baker’s celebration of Christmastime dessert!

Japanese sables garnish Pillsbury Bake-Off inspired cookie cream buns glazed with rum icing.
The Japanese butter sable cookie package reads, "The parent-child snack for Mama and me."
Indeed, the cookie has delighted generations of children...including this Ninja Baker and her nieces and nephews!

The recipe is adapted from Pillsbury Bake-Off finalist, Megan Beimer’s Chocolate Doughnut Poppers. Her beauties are crammed with Nutella (hazelnut chocolate cream) glazed with vanilla icing and sprinkled with nuts. As a plate of cookies and a goblet of rum were set forth for Santa every Christmas Eve in our Tokyo home, rum glaze replaced vanilla flavored icing and cookie cream took the place of chocolate Nutella. (Carrot sticks were also prepared for Rudolph and the reindeer gang.) What traditions continue to delight you during the Christmas / Hanukah holidays?

Marriage brings the blessing of two traditions becoming one...David and me on the day of his proposal.

Cookies and rum are a familiar tradition for this Ninja Baker. However, cookie cream was a first. Have you tried the stuff? It tastes exactly like butter cookies but in peanut butter form!  Decadent and rich, a teaspoonful goes a long way. Combined with the doughnutty rum-spiked pastry, the cookie cream buns are small but mighty Christmas presents!

Cookie cream inside and Japanese sable cookies are crumbled
on top of this rum spiked glazed sweet!

Besides the heady pleasure of doughnutty rum-spiked cookie cream buns, the true gifts of the season are the smiles and the good feelings, which accompany the holidays.  Christmas and Hanukah creativity are at an apex, too. Homes and stores are adorned with strands of lights, stars, wreaths frosted in blue-and-white or red-and-green. The season seems to foster generosity and remembrances of what is right in the world. Do You Hear What I Hear? “A child, a child sleeping in the night will bring us goodness and Light.”

Rum Glazed Cookie Cream Buns

We have Megan Beimer, wife of a US Marine and Pillsbury Bake-Off's finalist, to thank for Rum Glazed Cookie Cream Buns which were inspired by her winning Chocolate Doughnut Poppers. Megan's recipe calls for sheets of seamless refrigerated dough and states that crescent rolls are a fine substitute.

Ninja Note: To avoid cookie cream oozing out of thin dough, blend the lines of the perforated crescent dough together well. 


For the cookie cream buns:
1 can refrigerated crescent rolls
12 rounded teaspoons of cookie cream
2 tablespoons melted butter

For the glaze:
½ cup powdered sugar
4 teaspoons rum

For the garnish:
6 or more of your favorite cookies 


Preheat an oven to 350 degrees. Place parchment paper on cookie sheets.

Unfurl refrigerated crescent rolls onto lightly floured wax paper atop a cutting board. (Or other flat sturdy surface.)

Pinch the perforated seams together.

Divide the dough into 12 rectangles with a pizza cutter.

Paint the edges of the rectangles with melted butter.

Drop a rounded teaspoonful of cookie cream into the middles.

Fold the edges to form a ball. Secure well  to ensure no cookie cream seepage.

Place the balls, seam side down onto the cookie sheets.

Bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown.


Whisk together the glaze ingredients.

Dip the cookie cream buns into the icing. Garnish with the crumbs of your favorite cookies. 
(Pulse 6 or more of your favorite cookies in a food processor. OR place the cookies into a plastic bag and use a roller to crush the yummies into crumbs.)

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Wishing you myriads of reasons to be of good cheer.

The Ninja Baker

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