S’More Brownies, #FWConf13

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Horseback riding, hiking in the mountains, harmonizing with girls in song around the campfire – just the antidote for a 10-year-old city girl from Tokyo, right? Er, no. My parents were well intentioned. But, the vast velvet skies studded with stars, which glimmered over Meadow Mountain Girl Scout Camp in Colorado, accentuated the vast distance between my rustic reality and the comforts of home. I longed to see the flashing neon signs of Ginza, to hear the joy-filled chants of men carrying mini Shinto shrines (called mikoshi) down the street during the summer festival season, and to smell the sizzling soy sauce-drenched yakitori skewered chicken.

A mikoshi (mini Shinto shrine) is paraded down the streets.

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Over the years my view and appreciation of nature have matured. I am in awe of the Creator’s artistry. Although, I confess my idea of camping has remained the same. A campout today is taking my purse into the lobby of a Hilton.

There is one memory, however, from my Girl Scout Camping days, which made the whole experience worthwhile – S’Mores! My first introduction to the toasted marshmallows and melted chocolates sandwiched between graham crackers was at Girl Scout camp. It was love at first bite. And my appreciation of this American treat has continued to this day.

According to food historians, the first mention of S’Mores comes from the Girl Scouts. As a former scout, it is my duty to honor the upcoming holiday celebrating the treat. (Seriously, August 10 is slated as National S’More Day in America!) So, I’ve concocted a S’More Brownie and am entering this recipe into the Dixie Crystals Brownie Dessert Contest. (Please wish me luck!)

The Ninja Baker's S'More Brownies

The Ninja Baker’s S’More Brownies


For the Crust and Topping:
4 tablespoons Dixie Crystals Pure Cane Sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
5 cups graham cracker cereal or graham crackers broken into small bits
10 tablespoons coconut spread
For the Brownie:
¾ cup coconut spread
¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
¼ cup dark chocolate chips
½ teaspoon coconut extract
4 large eggs
1 ½ cups Dixie Crystals Pure Cane Sugar
¾ cup all-purpose flour
½ cup coconut flour
¼ cup almond flour
½ teaspoon baking powder
½ teaspoon salt
3 cups mini marshmallows

1. Preheat an oven to 350 degrees. Line a 13” x 9” pan with aluminum foil and spray with butter cooking spray. (Line with enough foil so you’ve got nice handles to lift the baked brownie out of the pan.)
2. Pour the graham cracker cereal with 4 tablespoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon into a food processor and pulse until fine crumbs appear.
3. Melt 10 tablespoons of coconut spread and stir into the graham cracker mixture.
4. Take half of the combined sugar, cinnamon, graham cracker and coconut spread mixture and press into the bottom of the prepared pan. Bake for 5 minutes. (The other half will serve as topping.)
5. On the stove, in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water, melt the coconut spread, cocoa powder and chocolate chips. Cool for 5 minutes. Stir in the coconut extract and set aside.
6. In a separate bowl, lightly beat the eggs.
7. In another large bowl, whisk together the sugar, flours, baking powder and salt.
8. Add the chocolate mixture and eggs to the dry ingredients.
9. Pour on top of the crust in the pan.
10. Sprinkle with mini marshmallows.
11. Create an aluminum foil tent over the pan and bake for 25 minutes at 350 degrees.
12. Take off the foil tent and bake uncovered for another 10 minutes. 

I hope you enjoy The Ninja Baker’s S’More Brownies in whatever setting you call home.

Full of a promise of blissful bites: A plate of S'More Brownies. 

The winner of the Dixie Crystals Brownie Dessert Contest gets a free pass to the Food & Wine Conference in Florida. If you like to blog about food, photograph dishes and desserts, eat fine cuisine - believe that covers everyone - you’re going to love the conference. Click here for details. 


Wishing you s’more of everything that brings you joy.

The Ninja Baker

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