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The Japanese Style American Tea Room #BeverlyHills

The Japanese Style American Tea Room

Prada. Strolling around the town is like stepping into a movie set. Beverly Hills is a beautiful place. But after you’ve had your fill of shopping (window shopping for some of us) and taking photos, you’ll probably crave a pick-me-up. Saunter over to the American Tea Room. You’ll enter a space with a Japanese sense of design. No clutter. (Mari Kondo would be proud!) High-grade teas from around the world are on display. Including Hekisui matcha tea – which is served to the Emperor of Japan! Besides the extensive matcha menu, inventive takes on Earl Grey, espresso and other café classics are served. Desire a nibble with your beverage? American Tea Room’s fresh pastries are fabulous. Crowd favorites include English scones studded with cranberries, mini cream cake rolls and French croissant rolls. 

ビバリーヒルズの中心であるアメリカン・ティー・ルームは実際に日本的なセンスの店です。世界から集められた一流の茶葉は 空間できちんと並んでいます。様々な国の急須やお茶の道具も販売しています。アフタヌーン・ティーを召し上がる部屋では世界中の美味しい食べ物を頂くことができます。お勧めはイギリスのスコーンとフランス風の小さい、可愛いクリーム・ケーキ・ロールです。