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Chinese Salted Egg Custard aka Liu Sha Bao

One trip that got me to love traveling was when I went to the unique and amazing country of China. I wanted to go somewhere foreign and with the many different types of food to try, so since I loved Chinese food and wanted to explore more on the authentic flavors, I went to China! My trip taught me a lot of new things. I opened my eyes and had me meet the best people there!

I went there in October, when it was the PERFECT time to stay out without the blazing weather or the cold spring days. I visited Hong Kong and Beijing, where I was able to try a smorgasbord of Cantonese and Mongolian cuisine. I was also surprised with Macau, as they didn’t only have the amazing hotels and modern sights to see, but the markets where they sold tons of souvenirs and food at such affordable prices. Of course, their Portuguese-Chinese fusion dishes are a huge plus to my trip as well. Each area has a specific taste, but all with the same kick that makes me want to go back for more.