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Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies, #SundaySupper

“If you do not waste, you will never have lack.” (無駄なければ、不足がなし) The Japanese version of “waste not, want not.”


Canned pumpkin and chocolate candies are always purchased in abundance. (What’s the point of a stocking if Santa doesn’t deliver chocolates?) So, start the violins…luscious chocolates are the typical “leftovers” from the holidays.  Half cans of pumpkin puree used for pie are also left alone…until today. A challenge was issued from the Sunday Supper Movement: Transform holiday leftovers into divine dishes and desserts. Perhaps I could have made a Japanese okonomiyaki pancake with the pumpkin. But I prefer dessert. A chocolate one. So I skipped with my fingers over the computer keyboard to Cookies & Cups. (A magical cookie, chocolate and other kid-friendly food kingdom ruled by Shelly Jaronsky.) Sure enough, a pumpkin brownie recipe quickly appeared. I was encouraged to read that although the taste was slightly different, her children loved the brownies. Her recipe required only 2 ingredients. Wonderful, right?