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Dive into Pleasure, 5 Skinny Secrets from Japan, #Gluten-Free #Glutino

Ahhhh, the holidays! Bright lights, beautiful presents and big temptations entice this foodie. Growing up in Japan (babyhood to UCLA) allowed me to glean a few secrets to staying skinny. Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus. You can enjoy your Christmas cake and eat it too! Even if you’ve got gluten sensitivities, I promise you can still enjoy all the delights of the season. If you select Glutino’s cookies, crackers and pretzels. Or bake something scrumptious with Glutino brownie, bread or cake mixes.

Secret 1:  Never say never. Say yes to what you want!

Have you ever seen a Japanese bento? It’s basically a lunch box with petite, pretty items from each food group.

Never say never. Say yes to what you want!