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Holiday on Ice Cream Spotlight #HaloTop

Halo Top ice cream was provided for this review. All opinions are my own.

Globetrotting around the world with my tennis star mother during school holidays had its perks. Exposure to other cultures and perspectives was one. Tasting desserts and ice cream of other countries was another travel perk!

Portugal had the best ice cream bars (think American ice cream trucks of yesteryear.) Little figurines accompanied the ice cream bars. Like the trinkets found in Cracker Jacks and cereals once upon a time. (Health and Safety Standards took over childhood fun. Sigh.)

Mom was also the tennis pro at the Cambridge Tennis Club for a spell. Summers in Massachusetts also meant Brigham’s Ice Cream. Licking a Brigham’s pecan chip ice cream cone with chocolate jimmies was sheer heaven. (Sadly, they closed operations in 2013.) During the school year I lived with Dad, my stepmother and siblings in Tokyo. With the introduction of Häagen-Dazs into Japan, perhaps attitudes of young Japanese are changing. But, back in the day, Japanese ice cream was deprived of rich cream and fat. So, a scoop (or double-scoop!) was divine.