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Celebrating Community, Childhood and Salt 'n Straw Organic Ice Cream

LA is a city buzzing with hip, slick and cool conversations and people. Imagine entering an ice cream store in LA that feels less like a fashion show and more like a place where friends go to hang out. A spot where scrumptious ice cream flavors evoke childhood. Isn’t it comforting to know that such an ice cream store exists? It’s called Salt & Straw. And there are three locations in Southern California. Kim Malek, the owner of Salt & Straw believed so strongly about creating community via ice cream that she cashed in her 401k, recruited her culinary wizard cousin, Tyler Malek and established Salt & Straw. All ingredients are locally sourced, organic and non-GMO. The ice cream menu changes with the seasons. (Similar to the Japanese aesthetic.) Owner, Kim Malek loves all the Salt & Straw flavors but is particularly fond of the Roasted Strawberry and Toasted White Chocolate. A bestseller year-round is Sea Salt and Caramel Ribbons. Love to hear which Salt & Straw flavor brings you back to the joy of childhood.

純粋な子供の時代をお覚えていますか。特に夏休みが始まってから心の声に従って遊びましたか。又は試験の為に勉強していましたか。何れにしても、アイス・クリームを楽しんだでしょう。皆様が子供の幸せを体験できるようにキム・マレクは貯金を全部注ぎ込み、勇気を出して南カリフォルニアに3つのSalt & Straw(塩&藁)のアイス・クリーム店を開店しました。偶然にアイス・クリーム作りに興味を持つタイラ・マレク(キムさんの従兄)が料理学校から卒業しました。一緒に地元の農家から主材を購入して無農薬のアイス・クリームを作り...