Bacon & Eggs Sushi, #Improv Challenge

Tamagoyaki (Japanese egg omelet) is one of the specialties of Auntie K aka the Ninja Baker. Tamagoyaki is typically sweeter than American omelets. At a sushi restaurant, my friend, Takako-san who is a master of Japanese cooking and baking always tastes the chef’s Japanese egg omelet first. Why? Tamagoyaki, according to Takako-san is the ultimate test of a sushi chef’s skill…

I wrapped yummy faux bacon around tamagoyaki, which I placed on top of sticky white Japanese rice. In other words, I created The Ninja Baker’s Bacon & Egg Sushi!

Japanese Veggie Sandwich's Sweet Substitute, #Improv Challenge

Sticky white Japanese rice dressed up with a variety of food fashions take center stage in many bento lunch boxes. But sandwiches are also major players. Such as the veggie “sando” sandwich. A luscious tomato, lettuce, cucumber and mayo concoction squeezed into two slices of thin white bread. (No crusts allowed!)

Sometimes, husbands and children will balk at such a sandwich. (“Salad in a sandwich?”) Well, this Ninja Baker can help you sneak veggies into your   beloved's bread. “Tasty!” is the only comment I received upon serving up my carrot bread.