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5 Beautiful Ways to Celebrate Spring, #InMyKitchen

Spring winds birth sakura cherry blossoms. In Japan, sakura petals carpet parks. Lanterns sway gently from the branches of cherry blossom trees. Picnickers clink sake glasses as the sun sets on this pink fairyland.

Even with the California water shortage, gardens burst with color and fragrance. The smiling flowers fill me with gratitude. Sometimes it’s the simple things. Like sunshine on the face after bursts of cold is sublime. Or a whiff of jasmine as I scurry to an appointment. My spirits lift in springtime. A whisper of hope touches my shoulder.

Yes, each season brims with beauty. Since spring is present, I’ll celebrate the gift…#InMyKitchen! In any month, I lift my glass to Maureen of OrgasmicChef.com.  She’s a queen of cuisine; the hostess of #InMyKitchen; and a woman whose wisdom and strength are #inspirational!