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Japanese Matcha Green Tea Frosting and Dip

Steeped for centuries, matcha green tea is swirled into the culture of Japan. From sublime meditation to "sanji" (3 o’clock) snack time, green tea is present. Sailing in from China in (1191) in the satchel of Zen Buddhist monk, Eisai, the tea settled comfortably into Japanese society. The prominent monk’s PR may have helped to popularize matcha tea in Japan. Eisai allegedly declared, “matcha green tea is the elixir of the mortals.”

Matcha is said to focus one’s meditation. The samurai also drank green tea before battle. Modern day warriors in the Japanese workforce also down green tea daily. Special occasions and tea ceremonies feature matcha tea from Uji, Japan. (Between the ancient capitals of Japan - Kyoto and Nara.)

Besides the drink, matcha green tea brightens macarons, cakes, ice cream sundaes and soba noodles. If in Kyoto, Japan…Save room for dessert!