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Make Your Children Eat Their Vegetables...in a Cupcake! #SundaySupper

If you are a parent, you are the best authority on the subject of children and vegetables. But if you do need back pocket recipes for “one of those days”…You can make your children eat their vegetables in a cupcake!

You are probably aware that chocolate is a fantastic trickster. And chocolate cupcakes are the perfect hiding place for pumpkin. (Zucchini and spinach in brownies work well too.) The Great Pumpkin season is upon us in the US, so supermarkets sell pumpkin puree at reduced prices. Double win! Your child gets the nutritious value of vegetables and you save money!

If you can get your hands on Japanese miso, the protein-packed salty soybeans compliment the sweet chocolate. P.s. Skip the salt in a chocolate cupcake recipe if using Japanese miso. (For baking I’ve discovered white miso works the best.)

More good news: Pumpkin also works for yellow cake.