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Japanese Peach Boy Ice Cream, #SundaySupper

Magic. Never leave home without it. A sprinkle of fairy dust on grim reality is healthy. Like fairytales, a sense of awe leaves the door open to a belief in possibility.

Okayama, a city slightly southeast of Osaka, celebrates Japanese children’s story hero, Momotaro. Momo in Japanese means peach. The Okayama region is rich in gorgeous peaches. But Momotaro is more than a mere mascot.

Manholes in Okayama are painted with scenes from the Momotaro story….The Peach Boy pictures are reminders to be brave, to believe that help can come from the most unexpected sources. You see, Momotaro, a boy born of a peach knows it is only right that he slay the demons taunting his beloved town. He sets out on his journey alone. But along the way he befriends a dog, a monkey and a pheasant. Team effort results in the downfall of the demons.