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Japanese Plum Perfection #JapanTravel #ValentineCake

Spring air –
woven moon
and plum sweet

Follow the plum blossom trail in Japan. The five-petaled flower reveals a controversial history. Before the birth of the celebrated cherry blossom parties in Japan, plum blossom viewing soirees were in vogue. With the death of Emperor Uda, however, the revered Japanese plum blossom settled to second place.

More Japanese songs and poetry may star Japan’s cherry blossoms. But, the plum blossoms hold center stage in February and March. Northeast of Tokyo, in Mito (Ibaraki Prefecture) the Kairakuen Garden boasts 3000 plum blossom trees. A festival showcasing the beauties is held from late February to March. Tokyo, Kyoto and Kyushu also have famous spots for plum blossom viewing.