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Move Over Limoncello Japanese Yuzu Cheesecake

Yuzu is the elixir sought after by Japanese cuisine maestros. Like lemon, the Japanese citrus, brightens any savory or sweet. Just in case you’ve not been introduced, yuzu is the citrus cousin of lemon and lime. Yuzu produces a bigger pucker. Containers of yuzu juice line the pantries of home cooks to gourmet chefs in Japan. Yuzu liqueur is pretty spectacular, too. Think Limoncello. Just better. To quote the husband: “It’s just like spiked lemonade!”

Yuzu liqueur combined with cream cheese, tofu, custard powder and Cool Whip, a smooth dance of sweet and tart ensues. When poured on top of a Japanese Pocky crust, a cheesecake dessert diva is born.