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Live the Ninja Dream

Nestled in the mountains of Mie Prefecture is Iga Ueno: Home to Japan’s famed ninja. Iga Ueno ninja alongside Shiga Prefecture’s Koga ninja (in Koka) were said to be the stealthiest. Mission impossible? Samurai summoned the Iga ninja and the Koga ninja. 

Arriving at the isolated Ninja Park in Iga Ueno, I wondered if real ninja were hiding. The mountainous town is a trek from Tokyo. Transportation time depends on which trains you catch. Our journey to the ninja town took under two hours. (Thanks to our Japan Rail Pass.) The return from fun with the ninjas, took about 3. However, I’d do it all over again. Yes, the ninja experience was amazing. But, also, the scenery outside the local train was breathtaking. A rushing river sang to the trees and rocks.