Quick 'n Easy Asian-Style Quinoa, #SundaySupper

Although Asian-style quinoa is indeed quick and easy, I could have titled this post with other adjectives like "super healthy" and "tasty." Quinoa is gluten-free, packed with protein and combats inflammatory issues.  Extra-firm tofu is also extra good for you.  Especially the organic kind made with non-GMO soybeans. So this is a multi-tasking vegetarian’s dream come true...

British Bento, #SundaySupper

I was over the moon when I visited London for the first time in my 20s. (At this writing I’ve made the jump over the pond, six times.) Buckingham Palace, the changing of the guard, daily matinees at the theatres in the West End – I was in heaven! And, oh, my first bites of scones sent me into a happy dance. I’m sharing the joy via my British Bento (lunch box) starring scones…

3 Easy Japanese Spinach Recipes, #SundaySupper

Farmers’ markets are the fashion these days in Santa Monica, CA.  Sporting sunglasses, designer jeans and Christian Louboutin shoes, couples stroll the aisles, sniffing flowers, sampling fruits and savoring omelets made with local farm eggs. It makes me giggle to see that purchasing fresh produce is en vogue with the hip and cool. In Japan, buying fresh produce was a daily ritual.