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Healthy Quinoa Japanese Donburi Bowl #SundaySupper

Do specific foods contain magic powers? New Year’s Day in Japan brings feasts of osechi ryori: Layers of lacquered bento boxes filled with foods promise good fortune and longevity.  Inspired by the Japanese New Year feast and Southern Living’s promise that black-eyed beans will bring prosperity, I created a healthy quinoa Japanese donburi bowl. (Donburi in Japanese basically means a bowl of rice topped with “fixings.” Instead of sticky white Japanese rice, I substituted quinoa.) Most everyone at the beginning of the year is determined to realize dreams of healthy bodies and rich bank accounts, right?

To ensure riches are yours I packed the healthy quinoa with Japanese chestnuts. The golden nuts are symbols of gold coins. Black-eyed peas were also added. The beans swell as they cook. Southerners in America swear black-eyed peas are a necessity on New Year’s Day if you want your bank account to expand.