Top 3 Dream Kitchen Appliances, PartSelect KitchenAid Artisan Series Mixer Contest

Are you a dreamer or a pragmatist? To quote popular TV psychologist, Dr. Phil, “How is it working for you?” I’m genuinely curious.  I’d love to learn how happiness and success slipped into your life.

What's your birthday cupcake candle wish?

Since my 20s, I’ve collected photos, created collages and made lists of my ideal mate, dream job and home….It works. Here are 3 examples:

All things English enchanted me in childhood. I read books and gazed longingly at magazines about the British Isles. England continues to fascinate me to this day… Hard not to love a land filled with castles, princesses and Shakespearean dramas which make the villains of reality TV look like wimps! 

The English Fairy Cake

Anyway, the penchant to visit England developed in childhood after seeing a performance by the Royal Shakespeare touring company in Tokyo. Many years later, I found myself employed by an airline company. Guess where I went on my first vacation?

Mini scones in the Ninja Baker's British Bento

After allowing myself to kiss more toads than I care to admit and suffering heartbreak, I made a list of the qualities of an ideal husband. Several years later David showed up in dance class. He proposed to me on the second level of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. (The proposal was not on the wish list. But it was pretty wonderful.) 

A surprise Paris proposal on the Eiffel Tower...9 years after cohabitation.

For over a decade my husband, David, has been adverse to the idea of buying a condo. (We live in a rent control apartment in a nice area.) So after 10 years of trying to convince my spouse, I finally gave up. However, I still continued to collect pictures of dream homes.  Also, when working on my computer, I frequently have the TV tuned to shows featuring gorgeous homes. Long story short, 2 months ago, David came home from a business trip and said he was ready to buy a home! Miracles do happen!

Miracles large and small abound...The Ninja Baker's butterscotch roll-up.

We closed escrow on a condo in Colorado in June. Now my heart is all a pitter-patter about the hopes of finally, finally working in a state-of-the art kitchen. Of course, there are budgetary considerations…But a girl can dream, right? AND serendipitously, an e-vite from PartSelect to participate in a PartSelect KitchenAid Artisan Series Mixer Contest popped into my inbox. (PartSelect specializes in appliance parts.)

One of the ways to win a KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer custom-painted by Un Amore Custom Designs is to blog about my top 3 dream kitchen appliances. What would you choose?

Here's my list of top 3 dream appliances:

An elegant and efficient KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer custom-painted by Un Amore Custom Designs. I especially like the black one with red flowers. Although the yellow one is cute, too. What do you think?
(Photo Courtesy of

Top of the list is a KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer custom-painted by Un Amore Custom Designs. Really. I have two mixers already but one is for professionals. On occasion, I’ve used it for big parties and church functions. I truly need, all right, want two. It is oh, so helpful to have two mixers especially when making chiffon cakes which require beating egg whites while batter is combined in another bowl. 

Sayonara to dishpan hands, hello dishwasher!
(Photo Courtesy of

Second on my list of coveted kitchen appliances is a KitchenAid 24 6-Cycle/7-Option Dishwasher. My hands give new meaning to dishpan hands. With all the money I spend on hand lotion, purchasing a dishwasher could actually shave a few dollars off the family budget! Seriously, I love baking but do not always cherish the cleanup.

Convection Double Wall Oven...
Magical ovens which produce perfectly baked goodies.
(Photo Courtesy of

A KitchenAid 30-Inch Convection Double Wall Oven, Pro Line Series ranks high on my kitchen appliances wish list, too. I love my humble little gas oven which requires me to always turn a pan around mid-bake…But just once it would be so, so, so nice to have a convection oven (two of them!) which ensure an even bake…Plus the stainless steel frames with glass windows look uber-sophisticated.

Looks like I’ll be busy creating more vision boards…Unless, of course, you have better tips. Or I win the KitchenAid. Here’s the link to the contest if you’d like to enter.

Wishing you the joy of seeing your vision boards and wish lists springing to life.

The Ninja Baker

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