White Chocolate Cream Topped Red Velvet Mini Cakes, #TheCakeSliceBakers

The Cake Slice Bakers are a group of bakers from around the world. Every month a new challenge arrives...Currently, we are presented with the opportunity to bake one of four recipes from Southern Living’s The Southern Cake Book.

Twisting and tweaking two recipes from The Southern Cake Book,

this Ninja Baker is offering you the best of the chocolate worlds:
White Chocolate Cream Topped Red Velvet Mini Cakes!

Oops, I Did It Again! (Remember that Britney Spears song?) Another variation on red velvet cake! Yes, last time I swooned over the browned butter cinnamon cream cheese frosting adorning my chocolate velvet cupcakes. (Another scrumptious recipe from The Southern Cake Book.) Also, when The Cake Slice Bakers group was cake baking through Julie Richardson’s Vintage Cakes, I oohed and aahed over the results of the mascarpone cheese frosting swirled atop the Vintage Cakes recipe for red velvet cupcakes.

White Chocolate Cream Topped Red Velvet Mini Cakes

Well, I’ve implemented a few tricks to enhance an already enjoyable red velvet cupcake experience. One. I amped up the chocolate in the cake. Two. For the frosting I skipped cream cheese and mascarpone cheese and went straight to whipping cream infused with white chocolate. Delighted to report the recipe results for both the cake and whipped cream frosting were divine!

The pictured butterfly antenna on my red velvet mini cakes are chopped up Japanese Péjoy biscuits.
(More info about the inside out Pocky can be seen on my Chocolate Péjoy Banana Rum Cake Pops post.)

Just in case you are concerned about too much chocolate, allow your fears to melt…like chocolate! Despite the extra dosage of cocoa in the red velvet cake recipe, the moist, rich cupcake was still on the conservative side of sweet. And proved to be a perfect foundation for the fluffy white chocolate cream frosting, which could have been delivered straight from Fairy Land! 

Mini bites of red velvet cake and white chocolate whipped cream!

If making the Mini Red Velvet Cakes with Mascarpone Frosting from The Southern Cake Book (page 59) add one-half tablespoon more of unsweetened cocoa. If not, this link to Southern Living’s Red Velvet Cupcakes is close to what you see pictured on this site. 

A pas de deux of chocolate deliciousness!

For the frosting I nabbed the white chocolate whipped cream wonder for the Black-and-White Chocolate Torte (on page 96 of The Southern Cake Book.) In a large microwave-safe bowl heat up a ½ cup of heavy cream with 12 ounces of chopped high-quality white chocolate. It took the chocolate about 1 minute and 45 seconds to melt. (A Ninja Note from one who has burned chocolate in the microwave more than once: Best to take melting of any kind of chocolate in the microwave in short spurts.) Whisk the melted chocolate, heated cream mixture until smooth. Place plastic wrap directly on top of the mixture. (Like you would for pudding to avoid a film layer.) Refrigerate for 30 minutes or until cool. Do not allow to firm up though. Add 3 cups of heavy cream to the mixture. Beat until soft peaks appear. Spread on the mini cakes and take flight to Fairy Land…or your favorite imaginary happy place destination!



Wishing you wings to soar above sorrows and savor the exhilaration of Life.

The Ninja Baker

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