3 Corns with Japanese Accents, #SundaySupper

Giggling children skip and jump through garden sprinklers.  Steaks sizzle on barbecues. Star-spangled fireworks decorate velvet skies.  It’s summertime in the USA; the season of summer parties and Independence Day festivities.

Fireworks Blast off into Summer Skies

Jennie, who teases readers with tantalizing, do-able desserts at her blog, MessyBaker.com hosts our virtual SundaySupper summertime festivities. She’ll cheer on the parade of scrumptious summertime barbecue and 4th of July delights contributed by fellow food bloggers. (You’re invited to join, too. Scroll down to see the details of this Twitter event.)

Without pulling in too many dark clouds over our sunny days, I’m concerned about all the allergies that seem to be attacking America’s children. As part of my patriotic contribution to the holiday, I'm encouraging healthy choices by using non-GMO organic corn, steamed, grilled and served with a choice of 3 Asian accented toppings. And I’m advocating dairy items that come from happy (non-BHT injected) cows. 

Cows not injected with bovine growth hormones are healthier
& America's children reap the benefits.
(Australia, New Zealand & Japan have banned BHTs.)

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Now, let the sun beam down on the barbecue goodies:

3 Corns with Japanese Accents

Steam corn for 30 minutes. Pop on the grill for about 4 minutes, making sure every side is covered. Grapeseed oil, by the way, is great for an indoor grill. The oil complements and enhances the food. (While olive oil is wonderful, commonly the oil insists on being the star flavor.)

Top with one or more of the following:

Mayo & Miso
Mix together 1 tablespoon of Japanese mayonnaise and 1 tablespoon of miso. Slather this savory coating on 1 large ear of sweet corn.

Note: This is also a great dip for celery and carrots.

Mayo & Miso are lovely on corn and salad!

Raw Butter, Raw Parmigiano-Reggiano & Togarashi (Japanese chili pepper)
Melt 1 tablespoon of butter. Rub on a stalk of steamed and grilled corn. Sprinkle with grated cheese and togarashi Japanese (chili) pepper. Shichimi togarashi is another option. Sesame seeds, citrus peel, seaweed and few other spices jump in with the chili pepper.

Warning: Have a tall glass of water available if you plan to sprinkle more than a light covering of togarashi

Japanese style chili 'n cheese corn

Tamari or Soy Sauce
Marinate steamed corn in 3 tablespoons of organic tamari or soy sauce for about 15 minutes before grilling. Some also like to melt butter over their corn before splashing soy sauce onto the ears.

Fun facts: Both tamari and soy sauce are made from fermented soybeans. However, tamari is a bit thicker than its cousin.

Corn splashed with soy sauce.
The pictured shishito Japanese peppers are closer in taste to a
green pepper than the hot stuff. 

Love to learn your favorite tips, tricks and veggie toppings in the comments section.

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Wishing you the freedoms you need to pursue happiness.

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