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Baikatei, A Sweet for All Seasons 梅花亭、四季の和菓子

Baikatei: A Sweet for All Seasons Up for a bit of time travel in Tokyo? Step onto the hallowed grounds of one of the two Baikatei sweetshops in the Kagurazaka district.  From the architecture, to the artisans and sellers of the wagashi sweets, the stores are steeped in tradition. There is also a sense of pride generously sprinkled with gracious humility. Since 1935, the Baikatei stores flourish in a part of Tokyo once called Flower... Read Full Article9

What to Bring to Tokyo Olympics 2021

Who will take home the most gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics 2021? Who knows. YOU will be the winner and enjoy your Tokyo Olympics trip the most…IF you pack 8 essential items.  1. Plastic Bags - Little ones you can tuck in your purse or pocket. Even when there are no big events in town, trash cans - especially in touristy areas -  may be hard to find. 2. Hankies - Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto restrooms are catering more... Read Full Article10

Girl Power Kodai-Ji Kyoto 京都のガール・パワー高台寺

Girl Power Kodai-Ji Kyoto  Kodai-Ji Temple with its feminine flourishes is like Kyoto’s famed geisha. A smile lingers on the lips. But her backstory is often poignant.  Nene, widow of Japan’s unifier and tyrannical samurai, Hideyoshi Toyotomi took the tonsure in 1598. She took the vows of a Buddhist nun and built the magnificent Kodai-Ji. The temple, traditional Japanese gardens and teahouses glimmer with gold, lacquer and... Read Full Article11

米国駐在ジャーナリストへインタビューしました The LA Experience through the Eyes of a Japanese Journalist

米国駐在ジャーナリストへインタビューしました。 まず、このインタビューに同意して頂き、ありがとうございます。 本日、ロサンゼルスで日本の読売新聞の局長としてお話を伺えることは光栄だと思います。 イギルスのギネス世界記録帳で、読売の発行部数が世界最大であることを確認したそうですね。 日本を襲った悲劇にもかかわらず、140年以上にわたってニュースを提供するという読売の執念深い献身ことが感動しております。 Q: 読売新聞のロサンゼルス市局長久保庭さんはロサンゼルス市に2年お住まいとお伺いしました。 A: 2020年9月で2年目を迎えます。 Q: アメリカ生活において、気に入っているところ、又は不便だなと感じる点はありますか。 A: アメリカ(特にカリフォルニア州)の凄さとも言えますが、「多様性」が最大のキーワードだと感じています。多人種、多文化の共存が活力ある社会を生み出していると思います。既成概念に囚われず、そして物凄く貪欲に、自由に物事を考えたり、論じたり、... Read Full Article12

A Divine Dance Born in Japan ダンスへの冷めることのない熱い思い

A Divine Dance Born in Japan Twirling down the movie aisle in Tokyo; I felt a yank on my arm. My blushing sister insisted a return to my seat. Although I Could Have Danced All Night in the cocoon of the dark theatre, I obeyed. My Fair Lady was an enchanting entrez into the dance world. Ballet classes at a local studio were a joy, too. I loved performing ballet on stage with my Japanese friends. Summertime Obon Odori Japanese folk dances was... Read Full Article13

Wake Up and Smell the Hawaiian Coffee

When air miles add up, Japan is a recommended destination. It’s a land of centuries-old tradition and on-trend technology. If you’d like to know more, a customized tour or translator, aimed at your interests, DM me on LinkedIn. Most passengers enter the country in Tokyo. LAX – Narita flights are hard to get with air miles. Seats to Haneda are even harder to come by. Airlines are not in the habit of relinquishing high-revenue... Read Full Article14

Dance Destiny and French Pastry

Mireille Gineste was dancing before her entrance into this world. 5 months into pregnancy, her tap-dancing mom was on stage. Southern France – the inspirational spot for Cezanne and Chagall  – served as the backdrop for Mireille’s upbringing.  Drawn to beauty from early on, she requested ballet classes. The after school curriculum soon included Jazz, Modern and Tap. Blessed with a knack for dancing and... Read Full Article15

Matcha Merry Layer Cake

Matcha Merry Layer Cake The generous and kind people at KitchenAid gifted me with a KitchenAid K400 Blender. All opinions are my own. Where are you on the serenity / stress barometer during the holidays? With a few Ninja Baker moves, you’ll discover greater Zen with my Matcha Merry Layer Cake. Simple steps lead to a vanilla cake filled with matcha (Japanese green tea) mousse. Wisps of matcha whipped cream top off this elegant and... Read Full Article16