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Orange Cake California

California Orange Paradise Cake

California oranges and yogurt contribute moisture (and nutrition!) to a cake mix. The sparkling Paradise Candied Orange Peels sprinkled on top of the cream cheese frosting add Hollywood star power.

Japanese Sweets Japan Matcha Ice Cream

Japanese Matcha Mania Ice Cream

Super easy to make this Japanese Matcha Mania Ice Cream is a splendid dessert (or snack!)

Splurge on the highest quality Japanese matcha green tea powder...and your creamy wonder will take on the authentic yumminess of Kyoto. (One of the elite meccas of exquisite green tea.) 

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Wake Up and Smell the Hawaiian Coffee Chocolate Cupcakes

Before you leave Hawaii, besides chocolate covered macadamia nuts, be sure to pick up Hawaiian coffee butter. The Kona spread when mixed with powdered sugar transforms into luxurious buttercream. Atop chocolate mini cupcakes, you can wake up and smell the Hawaiian coffee…And know you are in Aloha paradise. 

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Matcha Merry Layer Cake

Matcha Merry Layer Cake is like a Japanese tea ceremony in one bite! Edgy matcha green tea flavor complements sweet vanilla frosting and fluffy cake. Plus, the matcha mousse blends harmoniously with the other elements of the cake. 

The Simple Steps of the Matcha Merry Layer Cake: 


Salmon and Shrimp Ramen Salad Bento

Lemon is the standard brightner for fish. But yuzu (Japanese citrus) is fantastic, too! For summer bentos, cold ramen noodles serve as a beautiful base for salmon and shrimp. Add a few vegetables and you've got an easy balanced meal in a bento box.  


Healthy California Style Ramen Bento

Kenko in Japanese means health. Ramen is a perfect base for a healthy California style ramen bento!  Especially if the vegetable ramen package from Japan promotes Kenko.

healthy glutenfree cake carrot cake glutenfree

Healthy Delectable Carrot Cake Dessert #GlutenFree

The gluten-free recipe below for carrot cake bakes up into a moist but firm cake. (Use the same amount of regular flour if gluten is not a concern for you.) The chopped nuts and fresh grated carrots add wholesome goodness. The spice in the cake does compliment cream cheese frosting. To keep it healthy, I refrained my frosting enamored self from going to town. But a little bit doesn’t hurt, right?

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Champagne Iced Matcha Mini Cupcakes

Whispers of champagne and matcha mingle in the Ninja Baker’s Champagne Iced Matcha Mini Cupcakes. Matcha boosts metabolism and burns fat! Sooo, you can pop the Ninja Baker’s Champagne Iced Matcha Mini Cupcakes into your mouth without a care about calories.

healthy desserts healthy miso chocolate chip cookies

Miso Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate-chip-cranberry-bars-CHRISTMAS EASY-recipe

Chocolate Chip Cranberry Bars