Afternoon Tea at The New Otani Tokyo Rivals the Savoy in London 優雅なホテルニューオータニでのアフタヌーンティ

Tokyo’s Garden Lounge in the New Otani Hotel rivals London’s Savoy afternoon tea. Japanese is famous for improving on an idea. Floor to floor windows reveal traditional Japanese gardens taken to the zenith. Dramatic waterfalls, well-fed koi and paths wind through manicured perfection. (It’s a great place to explore after consuming the gourmet afternoon tea.)

Real estate comes with a premium price in Tokyo. Yet no expense was spared in the creation of the expansive afternoon tearoom and Japanese gardens. Patrons of the Garden Lounge do pay for the privilege of enjoying the New Otani’s take on afternoon tea.

If you’re looking for petite, head to the tea sandwiches and/or the miniature cake display.  Plenty of options also prevail for those looking for heartier fare. White-gloved servers replenish the gleaming chafing dishes and silver platters regularly. More good news: Every dish and dessert is clearly labeled for those dealing with allergies.

The first seating of the “afternoon tea” is 11:30 a.m. Be prepared to queue up at 11:00 a.m. Window seats are not guaranteed but it helps to get to the Garden Lounge early. Also, Google Maps may not be helpful in getting you through the maze of Tokyo’s New Otani Hotel corridors.

Once you do make it to the front of the line: The Maître D looks at you, your group, glances at his room map and commands one of the wait staff to lead you to a table. Like a first class flight, you’ll be offered your choice of beverage once you’re seated. At 11:30 a.m. the opening of the afternoon tea buffet is announced. Exquisitely dressed women take off for the food like opening day of a Nordstrom’s sale. Good time to remember what my Great-Uncle George said, “Patience is a virtue that will never hurt you.” 

And I’m waiting for the day to once again steep myself in the afternoon tea service in Tokyo’s New Otani Hotel Garden Lounge.





アフタヌーンティを待つ列の先頭にたどり着くと、給仕長はお客に挨拶して、彼の座席表を見て、待機スタッフの一人にテーブルに案内するように命じます。 ファーストクラスのフライトのように、席に着くとお飲み物をお選びいただけます。 午前11時30分に、アフタヌーンティービュッフェの開始が伝えられます。 高級な百貨店のセールの初日なように、絶妙な服装の女性が素晴らしいスピードでビュッフェに歩きます。 大叔父ジョージが「忍耐を傷つけることのない美徳だ」と言ったことを思い出す良い時間です。



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