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Matcha Cream Filled Sugar Cookies, #Creative Cookie Exchange

Japanese artists like Hiroshige and Shotei have transformed the challenges of winter into masterful works of art.  Although aesthetically pleasing, the discomfort of bitter winds and bone-chilling temps are realities for those residing in Japan. (With the exception of Okinawa and Japan’s southernmost islands.) Whispers of Spring So, when spring rolled around for this Ninja Baker (when living in Japan), my... Read Full Article265

Chocolate Mint Cake, #SundaySupper

"Eat Your Greens!" From appetizers to desserts, everything emerald is the focus of tonight’s #SundaySupper on Twitter. (Please scroll down for details.) Foodie Stuntman of Crazy Foodie Stunts hosts. He is sure to sprinkle his humor and culinary savvy into the conversation.  Serendipitously my husband’s assistant (on the TV show Bones) requested that I make a flourless chocolate cake. I obliged. And covered the... Read Full Article266

Irish Cream Cupcakes

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” (A quote often attributed to Plato, the author of The Republic and other contemplative works.)  The folks at Gilbeys of Ireland did some serious thinking about how their fellow countrymen could enjoy their beloved whiskey without suffering stomach problems. Drinking milk before bar hopping was said to reduce those stresses. After much research, Gilbeys introduced Baileys Irish Cream... Read Full Article267

Ramen Stir Fry, #SundaySupper

Lurking in the shadows of many a backstreet are shady business deals. However, in the alleyway known as Ganso Ramen Yokocho in Sapporo, Japan, priceless ramen noodle experiences await you. (Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido - Japan’s northernmost island.) Taunting you will be a row of ramen noodle houses. Each one decidedly delicious with a long history (many since 1951) of serving up unforgettable slurps of skinny ramen noodles.... Read Full Article268

Shrimp Mac 'n Cheese à la Japonais, Foodie Friends Friday Nothing But Noodles #Pasta Party

Maybe noodles were created specially for mothers. It’s the one food most children around the world will agree to eat. Won tons stuffed with meat, ramen noodles swimming in veggies and soup, spaghetti swirled on a fork with tomato sauce – centuries old child approved fare. And, of course, America’s favorite standby comfort food macaroni and cheese. Recently, I concocted a Shrimp Mac ‘n Cheese à la Japonais. I... Read Full Article269

Breakfast Bento with Gluten-Free Mini Scones

The Ninja Baker’s Breakfast Bento starring mini gluten-free scones could make your munchkins smarter. No kidding. According to Rutgers University research, families who collaborate in the kitchen together show kids with higher math scores and richer vocabularies. (Sharing mealtimes also contribute to the well-being quotient.) So, take a step in the right direction with my completely cute, do-able and healthy breakfast bento.... Read Full Article270

Lemon Velvet Squares, #The Cake Slice Bakers

The Cake Slice Bakers are a group of bakers from around the world. We vote on a recipe and then bake the sweet from the same cookbook every month. Our current book is Carole Walter's Great Cakes. This month's sweet assignment? Lemon Velvet Squares!   A buzz of excitement was in my chest. (A sensation akin to watching U.S. Olympic ice dancing champions, Davis and Waters glide to gold.) The blades of my mixer were... Read Full Article271

Strawberry Pocky Chocolate Cookies, #Creative Cookie Exchange

Strawberries sparkle on vines throughout Japan. Elegant patisseries showcase the red jewels atop cakes and ice cream sundaes. Strawberries are also consistently combined with chocolate. As a child in Tokyo, I always tried to make my chocolate strawberry lollipop last as long as possible. Apollo: One of many popular strawberry chocolates in Japan. When Laura of The Spiced Life  invited me to her Creative Cookie Exchange... Read Full Article272