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Whoopie Pies, #ChocolateParty

“Whoopie!” exclaimed the Amish farmer. In his lunch box was an Oreo-like treat made with leftover cake batter. That is one rendition of the origin of the Whoopie Pie. The American classic Whoopie pie filled with espresso cream, garnished with a chocolate espresso bean. Many citizens of Maine disagree with this Pennsylvanian story. Apparently in 1925 Whoopie Pies were being sold at Labadie’s Bakery in... Read Full Article321

Momotaro Peach Boy Cake, #BundtaMonth

Sword in hand, a little boy sprang from a peach, bringing much joy to a barren grandma and her husband. They named him Momotaro. (Momo is Japanese for peach and Taro is a common boy’s name.) A sort of Robin Hood, this legendary folk hero stole back the gold from the devil’s lair. Justice and rewards for good behavior are strong themes in this story. But, it’s also about smarts and the power of yummy treats. Momotaro was able to... Read Full Article322

Copycat Japanese McDonald's, #SundaySupper

Go ahead. Confess. Instead of sampling the ambiguous cuisine surrounding you in your travels abroad, you chose a Big Mac at the Golden Arches. Understandable. McDonald’s offers certainty plus easy-on-the-pocketbook prices. You can exhale as you scan the menu; a parade of standards marching by…Until oh, so suddenly anomalies appear. In France, you probably saw Croque McDo (a cousin of the ham and cheese Croque Monsieur.) Or maybe... Read Full Article323

Immaculate Baking Japanese Bento Boxes

Love translates to food in so many languages. Meals are made with much care around the world. Yet – unwittingly – some people may be serving dishes that are making their loved ones sick. According to movies like this one found at YouTube: The culprits in many cases are products made with GMOs (genetically modified organisms.) Unfortunately, the American food supply has been flooded with GMOs (corn, wheat, soy and sugar products),... Read Full Article324

Historical Goodness: Boston Cream Pie Bundt-lets

Charles Dickens (English author of classics such as Great Expectations) and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (the American poet who penned Paul Revere’s Ride) were just a few of the celebrities who strolled into the Omni Parker Hotel in Boston the 1850s. Probably to savor the hotel’s famed Boston Cream Pie. Maybe they connected with their muses whilst biting into a deep chocolate coating a yellow cake filled with pastry cream... Read Full Article325

S’More Brownies, #FWConf13

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Horseback riding, hiking in the mountains, harmonizing with girls in song around the campfire – just the antidote for a 10-year-old city girl from Tokyo, right? Er, no. My parents were well intentioned. But, the vast velvet skies studded with stars, which glimmered over Meadow Mountain Girl Scout Camp in Colorado, accentuated the vast distance between my rustic reality and the comforts of home. I longed... Read Full Article326

Calgary Cowboy Bourbon Caramel Cheesecake Won Ton Crisps

Hear the thundering hooves of horses? Yup. Calgary Stampede 2013 has arrived in Canada. Along with the cowboys showing off their rodeo tricks, giggling kids press the metal to the pedal-powered John Deere tractors. And oh the food! The sizzle of frying pies scented with cinnamon is just a start to the line up of decadent treats. Rodeo! Photo Credit So she can enjoy Calgary Stampede 2013, my Canadian friend, Tara is taking... Read Full Article327

Gluten-Free Carrot Cupcakes, #SundaySupper

  Ready for Christmas in July? Sara Moulton’s Everyday Family Dinners cookbooks are being given away at this week’s #SundaySupper at Twitter. (Scroll down for details on how to win and join the chat around the virtual dinner table.) The celebrity chef is also giving away her cookbook Sara Moulton Cooks At Home on her site. If you’ve followed Sara’s culinary adventures via her cookbooks or appearances... Read Full Article328