Chocolate Kisses and Strawberry Hugs Cupcakes, #Pejoy #Pocky #Giveaway

Kisses and Hugs to you! As a thank you to new and longtime readers, I’m giving away popular Japanese snacks: Chocolate Pejoy, Matcha Pejoy and Strawberry Pocky. (Thank you to the makers of Pejoy and Pocky for making this giveaway possible.) Scroll down for the giveaway details…But, stop! See the easy Pocky and Pejoy tips and recipes below so you’ll know exactly how to use your scrumptious prizes.

Strawberry Pocky Kisses & Chocolate Pejoy Hug Cupcakes

By the way, are Pocky and Pejoy available in your neighborhood? Many Americans and Australians report their kids are big fans. Yet there seem to be pockets of Florida and other US states which are bereft of the popular Japanese snacks. If this is your first introduction to the popular Japanese snacks, here’s a quick information update:

Pocky surfaced in Japan in 1966 as a slim biscuit covered in chocolate. The name of the snack was inspired by the pokkin, pokkin crunch sound made when the snack stick snapped. Pocky quickly rocketed to fame in Japan. Although the flavors of Pocky sold and abroad are limited; in Japan a vast array of Pocky reflecting seasons and current food fads are readily available.

Pejoy is a recent phenomenon. Essentially an inside out Pocky, the snack is a biscuit stick with chocolate or matcha green tea cream inside. (Outside the U.S., cheesecake and red wine creams fill Pejoy biscuits. Don’t despair, though, distributions of other varieties of Pejoy are on their way!

Chocolate, Strawberry or Matcha? Pocky or Pejoy?

Pejoy Perfection: The Ninja Baker's Butterfly and Sunshine Decorations

Pejoy Butterflies flit atop Red Velvet Cupcakes

How would you use Pejoy to decorate your cakes?

Sunshine Cake

Cake Pop Crazy? 

Strawberry Pocky Cake Pops & Matcha (Green Tea) Pejoy Cake Pops

Slim Pocky and Pejoy biscuits serve as edible sticks for cake pops. And garnish!

Chocolate Pejoy Banana Rum Cake Pops

Pocky, Pejoy Crust or Crumble?
Both Pocky and Pejoy create quick and easy crumbles and crusts for cupcakes, muffins and fudge!

Cousin Eva's Famous Fudge with a Ninja Pocky Twist


Banana Nut Pocky Cupcakes


Strawberry Pocky Chocolate Cookies &
No Bake Raspberry and Japanese Yuzu Citrus Bars (with a Chocolate Pocky crust!)


Chocolate Pocky Crusted Pumpkin Muffins


Kisses and Hugs Cupcakes are made with love and lots of Pocky and Pejoy!

Bake up chocolate cupcakes, frost with vanilla or your favorite flavored frosting.
Chop up Pocky and Pejoy; show the cupcakes some love with hugs and kisses. 


XOs Cupcakes


Here's one chocolate cake recipe .
Reduce the bake time to 20 to 25 minutes for the Kisses and Hugs Cupcakes.

And here's another scrumptious recipe for chocolate cupcakes.

Chocolate Oreo and Pocky Cupcakes



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Wishing you a fortunate future filled with Pocky and Pejoy!

The Ninja Baker

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