Coffee? Tea? #Creative Cookie Exchange

#Creative Cookie Exchange creators, Rebecka of At Home with Rebecka and Laura of The Spiced Life have decreed that December is the time to celebrate holiday cookies. Our assignment was to contribute make-ahead freezer cookies. As I readied two batches of cookie dough, one for rich espresso and the other for elegant matcha green tea, Garth Brooks’ Unanswered Prayers played in my head. In the song he softly suggests, “Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.”

Matcha Green Tea Cookies with Chocolate Middles
& Espresso Cookies with Caramel Frosting

About a year ago, after preliminary interviews, tests and forms, I was flown to the hubs of two major airline carriers. In both cases, I was chosen from over 100,000 flight attendant applicants. I speak, read and write Japanese. I’m thoughtful, responsible, and in good shape. (Thanks to dance and Zumba.) But, I was not chosen!!!

The monkey mind chatter commenced: Was I a little too mature? In other words, too old? One too many unacceptable wrinkles? I wracked my brain. What could I have said or done differently?

In Japan, matcha and chocolate are often paired together for cookies,
cakes and candy bars!

However, it wasn’t long before I took a trip to Tokyo. As I watched the flight attendants at work, I realized they have a really tough job! I have no interest in the  duties of a flight attendant, only trips to Japan.  And I think that can be managed without repeatedly asking, “Coffee? Tea?” at 30,000 feet in the air.

Espresso Cookies with Caramel Frosting

I would much rather write about yummy baking experinces...Especially when it involves espresso cookies with caramel filling and matcha green tea cookies with chocolate middles making. 

  • Pillsbury's Best Cookies Cookbook's shortbread recipe served as the foundation for my espresso cookies and matcha green tea cookies. Food Network stars like Ree Drummond and Ina Garten have similar recipes online. (Click on the highlighted links for the stars' names to see their recipes.)
  • After making the shortbread dough and before resting the dough in a freezer or refrigerator, for the espresso cookies add 2 tablespoons of espresso powder and 2 tablespoons of almond flour. For the matcha green tea cookies, mix in 2.5 tablespoons of fine matcha powder. (Available at most Asian markets and online.)
  • Bake according to recipe instructions.
  • After cooling the cookies, cookie-sandwich the espresso cookies with caramel frosting.  Generously spread chocolate frosting between the matcha green tea cookies.

The Ninja Baker's Matcha Green Tea Cookies with Chocolate Middles
how-to was shared at my Foodie Friends Friday St. Patrick's Day #Green Recipes Party. 

If you like macchiato drinks or matcha and/or chocolate beverages, the Ninja Baker's matcha and espresso cookies will brighten your holidays!

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Wishing you rainbows after rainstorms.